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BATON ROUGE CHAPTER: Monthly Financial Reporting

SUMMARY: The Baton Rouge Chapter created a process to summarize and report chapter financial activities monthly for better reporting at board meetings. The ability to easily gauge progress made on the annual budget is key to effective and responsible management of chapter financial resources. The format used allows the board to review an overview of the budget monthly, provides an easy to understand breakdown of income and expenses, and makes note of the original budget drafted at the beginning of the calendar year to support chapter initiatives. The easy-to-read financial report helps the board stay on budget, provides an increased awareness of the state of chapter funds, and helps the board make responsible and informed decisions.

YEAR: 2017

PUERTO RICO CHAPTER: Establishing an Operational Budget

SUMMARY: An operational budget was established to help set realistic programming goals and avoid unexpected financial crises. The excel template has categories that relate to CARE. This system created an easy process for chapter leaders to be able to create an annual report for the chapter website, which will provide transparency of chapter spending and comply with tax, audit, and financial review requirements.

YEAR: 2017

NEBRASKA CHAPTER: Transparent Budget Reports

SUMMARY: The chapter board desired to increase its business acumen and develop solid, reputable business processes to govern the chapter. Prior to these reports, chapter budgeting was performed by copying the estimate from the previous year. For the 2015 budget, the board broke down chapter expenses into individual categories and added groupings for clarification. Having the board understand the financial aspects of running the chapter has increased awareness of the use of chapter funds and increased the ease in financial decision-making.

YEAR: 2015

PUGET SOUND CHAPTER: Chapter Financial Management

SUMMARY: The chapter shared best practices on how they successfully manage chapter finances and distribute that information to their board members. The chapter also addressed the importance of educating board members about prudent financial management.

YEAR: 2012


SUMMARY: The Cascadia Chapter put together a budget form that they use when planning all their events and meetings.

YEAR: 2012

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