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Sharing Our Success (SOS)

The SOS program helps chapters improve through sharing and finding easy-to-use ideas, resources, and practices.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Sharing Our Success (SOS)?
The mission of the SOS program is to foster strong, healthy chapters and promote synergy through rewarding and recognizing chapters that share their best practices with other chapters.
How and when do I submit?
The SOS submission form is available online at Chapters can submit their best practices at anytime, ideally while the information is current and relevant.
What do I need to submit?
To submit an SOS, chapters must complete the online form located at If there are supporting documents that accompany the submission they can be attached using the online form. Additional supporting documents should be emailed to your Chapter Relations Manager.
Who will review the submission?
Once received, your submission will be assigned to a member of the Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC). A committee member will review the submission and contact you if they have questions or need additional information.
How long does it take to find out if my SOS is approved?
The SOS submission approval process can take up to four to six weeks for review and approval; each submission will vary.
Why should I submit an SOS?
Submitting your chapter’s best practices through the SOS program allows the chapter to share its knowledge and organizational learning with other chapters and helps raise the number of successful ideas available to other chapter leaders. You also earn national recognition for the great work your chapter is doing. Approved submissions receive the following:
  • A description of submission will be featured on the SOS webpage
  • A listing in the Leader Connection Newsletter (LCN)
  • Recognition at the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC) in Arlington, Virginia
  • An SOS logo for your chapter’s website
  • A press release template for use with local news sources
In what categories can I submit an SOS?
There are five categories in which chapters can submit an SOS. They include administrative, finance, communication, membership, and professional development. These categories are modeled after the Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) to assist chapters with finding CARE-related best practices.
How can I find examples of approved SOS submissions?
Once an SOS submission is approved, it is placed on the SOS webpage for other chapters to view. The submissions can be viewed by category with the most recent best practices listed first.
How can I learn more?
Visit the CRC webpage for additional information or email your Chapter Relations Manager.