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GREATER ATLANTA: Revamping Your Chapter Sponsorship Packet

The chapter needed to build upon its current sponsorship package by making it more structured. To do this, they tiered the sponsorships, added advertising rates, and included social media content curation. The key to the sponsorship package is identifying the chapter’s value proposition and aligning it with the sponsor value proposition. The chapter also developed a separate conference sponsorship packet to attract more vendors. The chapter has seen an increase in chapter sponsorships from one main sponsor at the beginning of 2021 to 10 sponsors across a variety of tiers by August 2021, with more pending.

  • Greater Atlanta - SOS Submission Form

  • Greater Atlanta - Sponsorship package

  • Greater Atlanta - Virtual Conference Sponsorship Package

  • Greater Atlanta - Sponsorship Grid

YEAR: 2021

FORT WORTH/MID-CITIES: Securing Grants (and Matching Funds) From Employers

The chapter was looking into alternative approaches to procuring extra income to benefit the chapter. The chapter found that some companies provide grants to their employees based on their volunteerism. As a nonprofit, the chapter can accept volunteer grant funds. Board members reviewed their companies’ volunteer grant policies and if able to, submitted a volunteer grant from their companies. The chapter received $1,500 in volunteer grant money to go towards its member services.
** Please note, it is important to understand your chapter’s tax status and donation guidelines for you state. If you have any questions, contact your chapter relations manager.**

YEAR: 2021

GREATER CINCINNATI: Creating and Communicating a Holistic Chapter Sponsorship Program

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter created a sponsorship package that offers potential chapter sponsors exact options making it easy to solicit sponsorships. The chapter offers two levels of general chapter sponsorships. The first level offers marketing opportunities for chapter programs, while the other level offers opportunities for marketing and interaction with the chapter beyond general programming. The chapter also offers three sponsorship levels for the chapter conference. Chapter volunteers use email and call scripts to solicit potential sponsors. The sponsorship options are available via the chapter website for an easy sign-up and payment option for sponsors. The sponsorship program brought the chapter more than $13,500 of income in 2019.

YEAR: 2020

HAWKEYE CHAPTER: Building Value for Event Sponsors—Networking Triple Threat

SUMMARY: The Hawkeye Chapter desired to show the value of sponsorship for its two-day conference. The chapter created a multifaceted approach to networking that benefited the event sponsors and attendees. To start, attendees were given a conference gift of an empty clear container. Attendees were encouraged to visit sponsor tables and fill the container with candy and snacks located at the tables. Secondly, the chapter incorporated designated times during both days to have booth sponsors move through the participant tables to share a little bit about their organizations and answer questions. Finally, attendee ribbons were made available exclusively at sponsor tables, which encouraged attendee engagement with the sponsors. The three-pronged strategy made the networking between sponsors and attendees feel more approachable, fun, and engaging.

YEAR: 2020

KANSAS CITY CHAPTER: Sponsor Supported Regional Meetup at #ATD2019

SUMMARY: Leaders from the Kansas City chapter partnered with the Nebraska and St. Louis chapters to create an in-person opportunity to connect with members and prospective members at ATD 2019. The Midwest ATD Chapter Meetup was sponsored by SkillPath, who sponsored the Kansas City Chapter and ATD 2019. The event enabled ATD chapters to connect with current and prospective members, share the benefits of the Kansas City chapter’s strategic partnership, and further develop the relationships among ATD’s Midwest chapters.

  • Kansas City - SOS Submission Form

  • Kansas City - ATD 2019 Targeted Networking Event

YEAR: 2019

CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER: Sponsorship Coffee Hour

SUMMARY: The Central Iowa Chapter Board wanted to gather potential sponsors in one location for a casual meet-and-greet. To align with the chapter’s networking culture, the chapter created a Sponsorship Coffee Hour to be attended by all board members. Through a review of past data, the chapter identified potential sponsors to include on the guest list for the event. The opportunity was also shared with chapter members to inquire if they were aware of potential sponsors that should be included. The board reviewed the chapter’s existing offerings and created a new sponsorship packet to provide to attendees. Through the coffee hour, the chapter secured a platinum-level sponsorship for its conference, an annual sponsorship, and it filled an open board position through one of the connections made at the event.

  • Central Iowa - SOS Submission Form

  • Central Iowa - Benefits One Pager

  • Central Iowa - Make A Difference One Pager

  • Central Iowa - Annual Professional Development Day Sponsorship Prospectus

YEAR: 2018

CASCADIA CHAPTER: Conference Exhibitor Prework

SUMMARY: Working with UMU, the chapter developed a webpage that allowed visitors to review information about each of the vendors prior to the conference. The information included short product and service videos, examples of questions to ask the vendor, and who to contact. Providing vendors with a high-quality experience and a more productive interaction with conference participants led to validating the money exhibitors spent to participate. Out of 213 conference participants, 76 completed the raffle connected to the exhibitor site.

  • Cascadia - SOS Submissions Form

  • Cascadia - Vendor Conference Information

YEAR: 2018

METRO DC CHAPTER: Partnership Model

SUMMARY: The Metro DC Chapter created a partnership model that provides a framework to help the chapter become efficient and proactive at establishing partnerships and leveraging the chapter’s power to support its goals. The chapter also created a procedural document and agreement template that helped it quickly implement this model. As a result, the chapter has three confirmed partnerships and raised $6,000 in 2017 to support chapter goals.

  • Metro DC – SOS Submission Form

  • Metro DC – Partnership Agreement Template

  • Metro DC – Partnership Model

YEAR: 2018

PIKES PEAK CHAPTER: Process for Sponsorship/Partnership

SUMMARY: The chapter designed and implemented a process to increase sponsorships and partnerships. The board felt that developing relationships within the community would lead to increased visibility in the community and enhance the chapter’s overall success. As a result of the chapter’s focus on these relationships, the chapter acquired three sponsors, seven partnerships, and $900 in financial gains.

  • Pikes Peak - SOS Submission Form

  • Pikes Peak - Intro Letter

  • Pikes Peak - Sponsorship Tiers

YEAR: 2016

SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER: Conference Sponsorships

SUMMARY: In order to offer its members and the South Florida community a robust, full-day conference, the chapter found sponsorship revenue essential. The chapter formed an ad hoc committee to plan and coordinate the conference with a goal to break even. The committee used a “prospect list” that the chapter has maintained for several years, and divided the list to reach out to as many vendors and learning organizations as possible. With a goal of $6,000 in sponsorship revenue the chapter exceeded this goal by obtaining a record of 12 sponsors for $11,000, not including sponsors who donated AV equipment, promotional giveaways, and raffle prizes. Because the chapter surpassed its goal, it was able to spend more than budgeted to provide additional giveaways and speaker gifts while still making a profit of $5,000 on the event.

  • South Florida - SOS Submission Form

  • South Florida - Conference Budget

  • South Florida - Sponsor Opportunities

  • South Florida - Sponsor Prospects and Tracking

  • South Florida - Sponsor Prospects

  • South Florida - Example of Challenges

  • South Florida - In-Kind Sponsorship Letter

  • South Florida - Sponsor Feedback

  • South Florida - Sponsor Next Step Email Sample

YEAR: 2016

CENTRAL OHIO CHAPTER: Annual WLP Conference Sponsorship Drive

SUMMARY: The Central Ohio Chapter put together an incentive program to increase volunteer engagement and sponsorships for their annual Workplace Learning Professionals conference. The multi-tiered incentive program provided the chapter with a mechanism to reward volunteers based on the number, and total amount, of sponsorships he or she was able to secure in advance of the conference.

  • Central Ohio - SOS Submission Form

  • Central Ohio - Sponsorship Drive Incentive Program

YEAR: 2012


SUMMARY: The Greater Atlanta Chapter has increased sponsorship and advertising sales in support of its programs by outsourcing the sales portion of sponsorships to a specialized agency. This enables the chapter leaders to concentrate on delivering the service, branding, marketing for membership growth, and marketing programs for attendance. The salesperson works under the board’s supervision using approved materials. The contracted individual follows ATD branding guidelines and ensures the board approves everything first. Sales increased from $2,500 to $26,000.

  • Greater Atlanta - SOS Submission Form

YEAR: 2012

CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER: Sponsorship and Advertising Media Kit

SUMMARY: Several chapter leaders collaborated to create an online media kit that promotes the chapter, and outlines a menu of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations.

  • Central Florida - SOS Submission Form

  • Central Florida - Published Media Kit

  • Central Florida - Writable Media Kit

YEAR: 2012

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