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The chapter was planning its first hybrid event during a time in Texas where COVID-19 cases were on the decline, and the state was lifting restrictions on gathering. Using the ATD chapter guidance on convening as a reference, the chapter worked with stakeholders to gather interest and ensure their event met all guidelines. The chapter limited the number of people at the in-person event to 15 attendees and required attendees to sign a waiver and wear masks. The chapter also kept a stash of spare masks on-site just in case. Working with the venue, the chapter identified areas that would require extra sanitation and found ways that venue employees and patrons could use the space with little risk of transmission. The chapter has successfully hosted three hybrid meetings since October 2020.

YEAR: 2021

DALLAS CHAPTER: Round Robin Risk Assessment

SUMMARY: The chapter adopted a round robin approach to conducting its risk assessment to increase board member engagement and mitigate risk. Changing the approach to its risk assessment allowed board members to share their thoughts about potential risks and collaboratively identify strategies for mitigating or eliminating these risks. These thoughts and strategies were incorporated into the final assessment, which was shared with all board members.

YEAR: 2019

SAN DIEGO CHAPTER: Risk Management

SUMMARY: The San Diego chapter created a form and process for comprehensively addressing the Chapter's risk management. This is easily adaptable for any chapter.

YEAR: 2011

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