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Research Triangle Area: A Special Thank You For Renewing Members

A goal of the Research Triangle Area Chapter was to create a sense of belonging and community for its membership and to focus on retention. They wanted to give its renewing members a special 'thank you' and let them know they are a valued member of the chapter. To achieve this, the chapter created an email that is sent out to newly renewed members that features a quick video from the announcer of their local NHL Hockey team thanking members for renewing their membership. The video gives special appreciation for its members while fostering more community engagement.

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YEAR: 2021

MADISON AREA CHAPTER: Book Swap As a Value-Add

SUMMARY: The Madison Area chapter incorporated a book swap into its annual summer social to increase engagement and add value for members. Attendees were encouraged to arrive at the social with a professional development book they found to be particularly impactful and a brief review summarizing their take-aways. The chapter also gave out bookmarks listing their remaining 2019 programs as a way to further encourage people to engage with the chapter. As a result of adding the book swap, the social’s attendance doubled, the chapter collected books that can be used as future giveaways, and the remaining books were donated to a local library.

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YEAR: 2019

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER: Pre- and Post-ATD 2019 Members Huddle

SUMMARY: As a service to chapter members and nonmembers, the Central Pennsylvania Chapter organized pre and post-conference huddles to discuss the ATD International Conference & Exposition. During the preconference huddle, experienced conference-goers shared tips and tricks for planning your conference experience. At the post-conference event, attendees shared their thoughts about interesting sessions and “aha” moments. Veteran and first-time conference attendees benefited from the huddles. In addition, the chapter had an opportunity to engage and recruit potential members.

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YEAR: 2019

HAWAII CHAPTER: Our Learning Voyage!

SUMMARY: Over the years, the chapter found that free and low-cost learning programs were inadvertently creating a situation in which members could register then opt to not attend without consequence. This policy negatively impacted facilitators and room costs and limited the amount of networking opportunities for members who did attend. The board chose to reward those who attended by creating a map with 12 learning programs on it, each with a direct tie to an ATD area of expertise (AOE). It visually displays the voyage from learning program to learning program for the year. In addition to a stamping feature to encourage attendance, the map was posted on the chapter website so every member would be encouraged to attend events. Members who received seven or more stamps were entered into a drawing for a free annual Hawaii Chapter membership for themselves and a colleague of their choice, a $110 value.

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YEAR: 2018


SUMMARY: At each of the monthly events, the chapter gives away a speaker-selected book that the winner can grow from through reading and a basket with two bottles of wine. The giveaway helps promote the profession while making it fun. The chapter collects attendees' business cards, and the speaker randomly selects a card to identify the “Read Between the Wines” winner. The speaker gets to keep the business cards for networking and/or for possible prospecting. Anecdotal feedback from both speakers and attendees shows that all parties enjoy the initiative.

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YEAR: 2017

CENTRAL INDIANA CHAPTER: Member Engagement Punch Cards

SUMMARY: To engage members more and connect them with the chapter, the board created a punch card incentive system. Members can fill in their cards by attending programs, volunteering, and bringing guests. At the annual conference, everyone who has filled all 12 spaces on the card is entered into a raffle for a high-dollar prize such as an ATD Certificate course. The chapter made it easy for everyone to participate and has received positive feedback.

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YEAR: 2017


SUMMARY: The chapter partnered with a local printing/engraving business to provide professional name badges to all members within three days of joining the chapter. The name badge cost is included in the membership price. In the new member application, the member identifies what information they want printed on the badge. New members are presented their badge and welcomed to the chapter at the next professional development event. Annually, members who do not pick up their badge will receive it in the mail. The chapter is not taking on any cost for this initiative, and members love wearing their badges to other events outside of the chapter. The chapter has gained additional members from the free advertising.

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YEAR: 2016

CASCADIA CHAPTER: Name Badges Showing Member Status

SUMMARY: The chapter created various designs of name badges to recognize chapter members at events. The effort is another way to publicly support, acknowledge, and appreciate its members.

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YEAR: 2016


SUMMARY: The Eastern Pennsylvania store allows the chapter to offer members logo merchandise specific to their chapter. There are no upfront costs, and the chapter chooses the percentage at which to markup items, and receives a monthly check for earned revenue. The store has proven to be a great way to increase chapter pride and visibility while adding revenue to the chapter.

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YEAR: 2007

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