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BAY COLONIES CHAPTER: Welcome Letter with Easy Links

SUMMARY: In response to data collected by a new member survey, the Bay Colonies Chapter decided to revise its welcome letter for new members. Working with their marketing and communications VPs, the board crafted a new introductory email that fit their chapter communication style without being text heavy. The revised version also included a clear list of helpful links for new members so they could easily access key chapter resources.

YEAR: 2022

KANSAS CITY CHAPTER: Orientation and Engagement

SUMMARY: To improve member engagement and increase retention, the chapter created an ambassador program to assist new members with assimilating into the chapter through personal welcomes done by phone or in person. During the welcome visits or conversations, the ambassador introduced new members to the benefits of membership, connected them with other members with similar interests, and shared volunteer opportunities. In addition, new members were given an opportunity at the monthly meetings to introduce themselves. The program is supported by a team of four volunteers and one director. Because of the program, new member engagement has increased through greater attendance at events and increased interest in volunteering for committees. Since 2016, the chapter has reached out to more than 100 new members.

YEAR: 2018

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER: On-Demand New Member Orientation

SUMMARY: The chapter, working with a local college, brought in an intern to develop an online new member orientation program. The project gave the intern experience with asynchronous, online learning development and working with the local chapter. The chapter purchased a two-month license for Captivate to develop the orientation at a cost of $59.95. The effort provided new members an immediate orientation to the chapter and relieved the VP of Membership to focus on other initiatives as opposed to conducting regular orientations. Through this process, the chapter learned that it takes time to incorporate the learning into Wild Apricot to make it available to members, and would allot more time for this phase in the future. The orientation is set to be updated on a two-year cycle.

YEAR: 2016

CENTRAL INDIANA CHAPTER: Engagement Through New Member Orientation

SUMMARY: To streamline the process a new chapter member experiences after joining, the Vice President of Membership and President-Elect developed a New Member Orientation Program to complement the informal welcome new members received upon joining the chapter. New members who joined in the past six months are invited to attend the orientation. The chapter currently offers the formal session twice per year immediately following a chapter event, which is promoted through the monthly newsletter, social media, and in person. It has increased monthly programming, specifically with new members and the chapter has seen that new members have become involved quicker with chapter committees and volunteer/leadership roles.

YEAR: 2016

CENTRAL INDIANA CHAPTER: New Member Welcome Postcard

SUMMARY: The chapter created a branded postcard with a special message from the chapter’s board of directors. This postcard is signed by each board member and sent to new members within the first month of their membership to welcome them to the chapter and extend an open invitation for frequent communication among the board, volunteers, and membership. Eight months after implementation, the chapter has seen a 13 percent increase in new members. The chapter also implemented a new member orientation on a quarterly basis.

YEAR: 2016

CASCADIA CHAPTER: Membership Cards

SUMMARY: The chapter developed a process to send out membership cards to new members on a monthly basis. The cards include the member’s name and membership end date in addition to the chapter’s logo and contact information. Although new members receive a welcome email from the chapter, the cards add a personal touch.

YEAR: 2016

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER: Developing an ATD Chapter Map for Pennsylvania

SUMMARY: To facilitate networking, the Central Pennsylvania Chapter desired to show from which counties in the state its members reside as part of the chapter’s new member orientation program. The Vice President of Membership contacted her counterparts at the other Pennsylvania chapters for assistance. After information gathering was complete, one of the chapter’s members with strong graphic design skills volunteered to assist with the map’s design. When the map was finalized, the image was posted on the chapter’s website and shared with fellow chapter leaders in the state.

YEAR: 2016

CHARLOTTE CHAPTER: Chapter Ambassadors Program

SUMMARY: To attract and retain members, the chapter desired to create a reputation of being a warm and welcoming chapter through the Ambassador’s program. Duties of the ambassadors include greeting new members and guests as they arrive at chapter meetings, uncovering why they chose to attend the event, and assisting them in connecting with members and chapter resources. The ambassador group also designs ice breaker activities for each meeting that help members to learn more about each other and add fun to networking.

YEAR: 2014


SUMMARY: The chapter implemented a new member orientation to ensure that new chapter members were aware of all the local benefits. This process ensures that all their new members are engaged from day one.

YEAR: 2012


SUMMARY: The chapter implemented a new member orientation to ensure that new chapter members were aware of all the local benefits. This process ensures that all their new members are engaged from day one.

YEAR: 2012

CENTRAL OHIO CHAPTER: New Member Orientation Lunch

SUMMARY: The executive board members recognized that it may be difficult for a new member to feel included into an existing group or organization. The Membership Management team came up with the idea of developing and facilitating a member orientation program.

YEAR: 2009

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