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KANSAS CITY CHAPTER: Excellence in Practice Awards

SUMMARY: The chapter’s annual conference hosts an Excellence in Practice Awards banquet, celebrating local talent development professionals’ achievements. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the chapter moved the event to a virtual platform with the challenge of keeping it fun and celebratory. To do that, the chapter hired an event producer to play a winner’s submission video then cut to each winner live on Zoom to share a few words. The chapter received positive feedback on the event, and all involved were glad they could celebrate the community during an atypical time. The event had 93 virtual attendees, an increase from the previous year’s 55 in-person attendees. In the month following the event, the chapter added seven new members.

YEAR: 2021

EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER: Excellence in Talent Development Should be Rewarded

SUMMARY: The chapter created its own awards program to celebrate the accomplishments of local businesses and increase community awareness of the chapter. The Excellence Awards recognize successful companies in four categories: effective talent development programs, leadership development, talent development innovation, and powerful partnerships. The chapter invites the winners to present on their submissions at its year-end celebration event, which allows members to learn more about effective talent development trends, methods, and technologies.

  • Eastern Pennsylvania - SOS Submission Form

  • Eastern Pennsylvania - Excellence Awards Submission Form

  • Eastern Pennsylvania - Chapter Holiday Event

YEAR: 2019

KANSAS CITY CHAPTER: Chapter Awards Event

SUMMARY: The Kansas City chapter was focused on promoting and recognizing excellence in the field of talent development, but found its processes were coming up short. As a result, the chapter redesigned its award event to meet the needs of its members and celebrate their successes in a way that is better aligned with the chapter's mission.

  • Kansas City - SOS Submission Form

  • Kansas City - Nomination Summary

YEAR: 2015

ORANGE COUNTY CHAPTER: Volunteer of the Month

SUMMARY: The Volunteer of the Month program is dedicated to increasing volunteer engagement. Each month a chapter member who is not on the board is recognized for their volunteer efforts at the monthly learning event and receives a certificate. In addition to the recognition, the recipient's manager is notified of the award and invited to the chapter event.

  • Orange County - Volunteer of the Month Submission

  • Orange County - Volunteer of the Month Process

  • Orange County - Volunteer of the Month Example

YEAR: 2013

FORT LAUDERDALE CHAPTER: Champions of Learning Event

SUMMARY: For Employee Learning Week, Fort Lauderdale chapter formed an event committee to implement their biggest event of the year, their Champions of Learning event. They marketed and solicited local companies to submit their best practices incentivizing them with recognition and reward. The chapter recognized all contributions at the event with a framed certificate and they selected and awarded the top three submissions with trophies. The event attracted 160 attendees and resulted in a 12 percent increase in chapter membership the following month.

  • Ft. Lauderdale - SOS Submission Form

  • Ft. Lauderdale - Champions Nomination Form

  • Ft. Lauderdale - ELW Project Plan

  • Ft. Lauderdale - Invitation to Submit Best Practices

  • Ft. Lauderdale - Champions Rating Form

YEAR: 2008


SUMMARY: This SOS provides information about an event where the Metro DC Chapter gathered more than 175 workplace learning and performance individuals from multiple organizations, increasing exposure, membership, and raising money.

  • Metro DC - SOS Submission Form

YEAR: 2008

METRO DC CHAPTER: Volunteer Recognition and Fundraiser

SUMMARY: This SOS discusses how the Metro DC Chapter hosted a Volunteer Recognition & Fundraising Dinner to recognize the great volunteering efforts and raise money for the Washington DC Capital Area Food Bank.

  • Metro DC - SOS Submission Form

YEAR: 2008


SUMMARY: In an effort to recruit members in the technology industry, the Greater Birmingham Chapter had a booth where their VP of communication, VP of marketing, and President provided information to technology professionals about their chapter. The chapter emphasized the importance of communication in a professional environment and how their ATD chapter provides workshops and programs on these subjects, as well as many other that will assist them in their professional career.

  • Greater Birmingham - SOS Submission Form

YEAR: 2008

HOUSTON CHAPTER: Volunteer Summit

SUMMARY: The Houston chapter's Volunteer Summit is an annual event that helps to promote the value of the ATD Houston chapter through increased membership and volunteerism.

  • Houston - SOS Submission Form

YEAR: 2008

CASCADIA CHAPTER: Co-Sponsor Agreement

SUMMARY: The Cascadia chapter's Co-Sponsor Agreement SOS outlines the roles/responsibilities and associated accountability for any programs sponsored with other organizations.

  • Cascadia - SOS Submission Form

  • Cascadia - Co-Sponsor Agreement Sample

YEAR: 2008


SUMMARY: The Charlotte chapter's Day of Learning is a one-day conference with multiple tracks and is the main event of the chapter's Employee Learning Week activities. Its purpose is to provide advanced learning practitioners with a local, high quality professional development opportunity.

  • Charlotte - SOS Submission Form

YEAR: 2008

NEBRASKA CHAPTER: Request for Proposal

SUMMARY: The Nebraska chapter strategically plans programs in advance with content that matches the ATD competencies and as a result, gained credible speakers.

  • Nebraska - SOS Submission Form

  • Nebraska - 2008 Program Guide

  • Nebraska - Evaluation

YEAR: 2008

CHICAGOLAND CHAPTER: Redesign of Chapter HRDI Program and Alignment with ATD Competency Model

SUMMARY: The popularity of Chicagoland chapter’s once successful Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) began to diminish as the materials and content became outdated. The chapter felt that the value to attendees and the training community was still high. By working with local universities, the chapter redesigned the HRDI to a Workplace Learning and Performance Institute and aligned the program with the ATD Competency Model.

  • Chicagoland - SOS Submission Form

YEAR: 2007


SUMMARY: The Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio chapters developed a joint effort to promote ELW, including an online forum and joint programming for chapter members. Participants received “ELW Toolkits” and gift bags from the chapters. The joint effort increased community awareness of ELW.

  • Greater Cleveland Northeast Ohio - SOS Submission Form

YEAR: 2007

NEBRASKA CHAPTER: Red Carpet Affair: A PR and Recognition Event

SUMMARY: This SOS describes how ATD Nebraska celebrates its 50th anniversary with an Awards Banquet that honors their past, recognizes their present, and looks toward their future.

  • Nebraska - SOS Submission Form

  • Nebraska - Red Carpet Affair Booklet

  • Nebraska - Red Carpet Affair Marketing Plan

  • Nebraska - Red Carpet Affair National Invite

  • Nebraska - Red Carpet Affair Summary

  • Nebraska - Red Carpet Affair Press Release

  • Nebraska - Red Carpet Affair Past President Invite

  • Nebraska - Red Carpet Affair Newsletter

  • Nebraska - Red Carpet Awards Affair Committee

YEAR: 2006

NORTH LOUISIANA CHAPTER: Management Insights Program

SUMMARY: The North Louisiana chapter developed the “Management Insights Program” to increase the awareness of ATD and its mission in their business community and to grow their chapter membership.

  • Northern LA - SOS Submission Form

  • Northern LA - Management Insights Chamber Mailing

  • Northern LA - Strategic Partnerships Event Tickets

  • Northern LA - Management Insights Registration

  • Northern LA - Management Insights Summary

  • Northern LA - Management Insights Timeline

YEAR: 2006

LAS VEGAS CHAPTER: Tribute to Learning Awards Program

SUMMARY: The Las Vegas chapter hosts the “Tribute to Learning Awards,” an annual event that includes best practices in the Southern Nevada training and development field.

  • Las Vegas - SOS Submission Form

  • Las Vegas - Awards Application

  • Las Vegas - Awards Process & Budget

  • Las Vegas - Awards Press Release

  • Las Vegas - Awards Newsletter

  • Las Vegas - Awards Tribute Meeting

YEAR: 2006

SAN ANTONIO CHAPTER: Organization of the Year Award

SUMMARY: The San Antonio chapter developed an “Organization of the Year” Award to recognize local organizations that have at least one employee who is a member of the local chapter.

  • San Antonio - SOS Submission Form

  • San Antonio - Award Letter & Agenda

  • San Antonio - Award Brochure

  • San Antonio - Award Criteria

YEAR: 2005

LINCOLN CHAPTER: Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief. = Win! A Fighter Pilot's Secret to Business Success

SUMMARY: The Lincoln chapter hosted an event entitled “Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief. = Win! A Fighter Pilot's Secret to Business Success” with Afterburner.

  • Lincoln - SOS Submission Form

  • Lincoln - Plan Brief Supporting Documents

YEAR: 2005

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