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A New Year, A New Public Manager


Thu Jan 14 2016


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The last time I penned my introductory column for The Public Manager, our storied publication had just begun the digital age. This new electronic medium doesn't change our message, as Editor Paula Ketter and I have stressed, and this month's issue is a perfect example of both our commitment and our currency. 


With our new format, we're able to bring the latest ideas on public management to you in less than half the time it would have taken us to plan, prepare, and publish the former print version of the publication. In those "good old days," we typically had a six-month reaction time at best, from the emergence of a critical topic or personality to in-depth coverage in an article in our journal. Given today's hyper-accelerated news cycle, six months isn't fast enough for public managers. 

Take the case of our January 2016 interview with Koskinen. He faces one of the most daunting leadership and public management challenges in the history of the federal government. There's so much to learn from Koskinen and those he leads. And that's why we hope that interviews such as his become one of the signature offerings from

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