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CPLP: A Shared Journey


Wed Jul 29 2015

CPLP: A Shared Journey

Working in the revenue cycle training department at one of the top healthcare organizations in the United States inspires you to value continuing education, professional development, and innovation. The organizational culture encourages you to excel in what you do and continuously look for opportunities to work more efficiently and improve processes. The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification helps you work toward this goal. It gives you an organized, innovative framework that helps you design and develop training more effectively.

My journey for obtaining the CPLP certification started almost two years ago, when my training director studied for her CPLP certification. My director leads by example. She would never ask us to do something that she hasn’t done herself first. After she obtained the CPLP certification, I was inspired to set the same professional goal for myself.


I must confess, though, that I had mixed feelings. I was a little intimidated by the discipline, dedication, and sacrifices it entailed, but also excited and challenged by this new adventure. When I shared my decision with my team members, two of them decided to join me on the journey. However, the pressure was even higher for me because I was their leader. I had to pass the exam and the Work Product if I wanted to lead by example. How could I lead them if I wasn’t able to pass a test? My credibility, leadership, and expertise were at stake.

But even though our learning styles were different, it was a wonderful team experience. We held one another accountable, exchanged ideas, asked questions, coached one another, and shared best practices in learning the material, writing short essays, and taking tests. For example, we wrote the Work Product essays individually, but before we submitted them, we met as a team, read one another’s essays, and made recommendations.

Power in Working Together

Don’t be afraid. It takes courage to make yourself vulnerable to others’ constructive criticism, but the feedback and fresh perspective they provide is incredibly valuable. For instance, be sure to have someone else in your field read your Work Product essays.

Looking ahead, our camaraderie will grow stronger as we go through the next CPLP phase—maintaining our certification. Because we all obtained the certification at the same time, working toward obtaining the credits needed to maintain it will continue to be a team effort. We will keep one another accountable, share information about newly found resources, and find communities of practice in which to grow.


Bottom line: Obtaining the CPLP certification will make you a valuable asset to your organization. The framework, principles, and best practices you learn will greatly benefit your work. In addition, you can inspire others on your team to pursue it, and working together toward this goal helps you forge great relationships and creates memorable experiences. You also set a good example for your family; you’re demonstrating that learning doesn’t end with high school or college graduation. As an educator, learning is a lifelong goal.

Learn more about the CPLP Certification****.

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