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Ensure Mentoring Program Success


Wed Mar 08 2017


If anyone knows the values of mentors, it’s Jenn Labin. It all began many years ago, when she was sitting at the ATD International Conference & Exposition watching her facilitator control the room. Knowing she had to learn more from this woman, she asked Elaine Biech to be her mentor. The experience Jenn had with Elaine was meaningful and helped to shape the successful career Jenn manages today. She became inspired to help others have the types of developmental relationships she had, so she began developing mentoring programs. 

She learned many lessons quickly, including why some mentoring programs flat out fail. Watch this quick video clip to hear the common downfalls from the field.  


To avoid failure, Jenn has developed a unique model (AXELS) to create successful mentoring programs. The E stands for evaluate effectiveness, and this step cannot be understated. Jenn emphasizes “evaluating effectiveness \[is\] not a one-time effort; it’s a process that is ongoing, allowing for incremental course correction.” Check out this video clip for tips on evaluating your mentoring program. 

If you’re ready to embrace mentoring programs or enhance your current strategies, Jenn Labin’s book, Mentoring Programs That Work, is for you.

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