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The ATD Talent Development Framework: Executive Development


Fri Sep 02 2016

The ATD Talent Development Framework: Executive Development

ATD developed the talent development framework and puzzle to help practitioners understand the components of talent development, and how organizations can build their own frameworks to address their unique needs. This blog series explores each component of the talent development framework, why it’s important to the field, and what resources ATD offers to practitioners who want to learn more.

Executive Development


Executive development is an ongoing systematic process that assesses, develops, and enhances one’s ability to carry out top-level roles in the organization. It refers only to the efforts of those high-potential individuals chosen to carry out the uppermost positions in the organizational hierarchy.

There is a considerable gap in the literature for best practices methods and research summaries, especially in the specific activities and success factors related to executive development programs. In 2009, ATD Research identified the three most frequently cited screening methods to select potential participants for executive development programs:

  • identification by managers

  • job performance reviews

  • inclusion in succession planning.

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The study provides insight into this area of organizational learning that has the potential to overcome many of the barriers associated with retaining and leveraging top talent. To determine success, organizations frequently track participants after completion, conduct follow-up interviews, ask for feedback from current executives, and assess overall employee satisfaction.

Every organization faces an ongoing challenge to retain the talent needed to meet its goals, and that challenge is even greater when focusing on the executive level. They can start by working with leaders to achieve executive presence, one of the most important ingredients in successful leadership. It is also the quality most pursued in executive development.

 We’ve assembled some additional resources to explore:


For more information on training delivery and other major components of talent development, check out the ASTD Handbook, 2nd Edition.

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