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What Should I Read Next? 8 Books That Tackle Crucial Training Topics


Wed Apr 08 2015


The most recent LXCI reports that two-thirds of learning executives predict a rise in the creation of new learning content in 2015. This data begs the question: Where can you find expert guidance that is tailored to your needs? More importantly, where will you seek guidance when you or your team is asked to create a different type of training, or have an immediate need to grasp the ins and outs of complex training technologies? 


The good news: Popular solutions await inside the ATD Press Spring 2015 Catalog(PDF). Take a look at all-time bestsellers that trainers like you have turned to for practical advice—and even some ready-made solutions.   


Indeed, many professionals in the talent development industry are asking the same questions: What tools are going to help me make the most impact? What content is most valuable to other trainers and learning professionals right now? Answers and solutions are all in the new ATD Press catalog. Look for your copy in the mail or start leafing through the digital catalog now. Be sure to browse reader favorites that are becoming the new staples of industry, and preview notable releases. 

Happy Reading!

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