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Help for the Occasional Trainer

Published Tue Nov 10 2020


Turning Your Know-How Into Someone Else’s Know-How-To

(Alexandria, VA) November 10, 2020—The Association for Talent Development (ATD) announces the publication of Know-How: The Definitive Book on Skill & Knowledge Transfer for Occasional Trainers, Experts, Coaches & Anyone Helping Others Learn, by expert trainers Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps (ATD Press, November 2020). The authors of the best-selling classic Telling Ain’t Training have produced a fun, effective guide for readers who frequently find themselves in the informal role of trainer, tutor, guide, coach, consultant, or helpful advisor.


This book is for people with any form of know-how that someone else requires—it’s relevant for professional and personal situations, including workplace learning or general life skills. The authors present a clear focus on the end result of knowledge gain, applying a productive questioning technique that lets the learner do the work necessary to acquire and retain knowledge.

“While digital resources and technology have helped the world learn in amazing ways, sometimes in-person knowledge transfer is still the best way to gain the knowledge one needs,” says Stolovitch. “Personal encouragement, along with an invitation to ‘call me if you need me,’ can at times be better,” he continues. “Use all the resources you can find to build knowledge transfer. But never forget that the immediate, on-the-spot transfer of your know-how into another’s know-how-to is incredibly effective if done right,” adds Keeps.

The tone of this book is light, approachable, and direct, as if the authors are personally talking with the readers. The chapters are sequenced like stepping stones—each carrying you toward the goal of mastering occasional training. They contain brief explanations, guidance, tools, examples, and relatable, real-world applications. Every chapter includes activities to engage you and reinforce your retention of key points.

“There is no greater thrill than the sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to shout, ‘Yes, I can do it!’” exclaims Stolovitch. “The benefits of successfully sharing know-how are numerous: the ability to perform or succeed at something valued, the joy of helping someone take flight, independence, productivity, time and effort savings, goal accomplishment, a sense of self-esteem, and so much more.”

About the Authors


Harold D. Stolovitch, PhD, CPT, is an emeritus professor, Université de Montréal, Canada, and former distinguished visiting scholar and visiting professor, University of Southern California. His specialty is human learning and performance systems. Researcher and author of 15 books and hundreds of articles and research reports, he consults and speaks globally on improving workplace learning and performance. He has created hundreds of instructional materials for a broad range of work and other settings. Winner of numerous awards for professional lifetime achievements, Harold and his wife, Erica, have also won five awards for outstanding publications.

Erica J. Keeps, MEd, CPT, is a graduate of University of Michigan and Wayne State University. Her more than 40-year professional career has included training management positions with J.L. Hudson Co. and Allied Supermarkets, and senior-level performance consultant positions with a wide variety of organizations. She has produced and managed the production of numerous instructional materials and workplace learning and performance systems. She has also published extensively on improving workplace learning and performance and won numerous professional awards for her leadership roles. Erica is the managing director of HSA Learning & Performance Systems LLC. Erica co-authored Telling Ain’t Training and the other books in the ATD Press Ain’t series with her husband, Harold.

About ATD Press

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is the world’s largest association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations. ATD’s members come from more than 120 countries and work in public and private organizations in every industry sector. ATD Press publications are written by industry thought leaders and offer anyone who works with adult learners the best practices, academic theory, and guidance necessary to move the profession forward. For more information, visit td.org/books.

Know-How: The Definitive Book on Skill & Knowledge Transfer for Occasional Trainers, Experts, Coaches & Anyone Helping Others Learn


ISBN: 978-1-950496-27-3 | 162 Pages | Paperback

To order books from ATD Press, call 800.628.2783.

To schedule an interview with Harold D. Stolovitch or Erica J. Keeps, please contact Kay Hechler, ATD Press senior marketing manager, at [email protected] or 703.683.8178.

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