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ATD Press is an internationally renowned source of insightful and practical information on talent development and professional development.
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These books for trainers include all the activities, handouts, tools, and assessments you need to create and deliver powerful, effective training.
What Works
The What Works in Talent Development series addresses the most critical topics facing today’s talent development practitioners. Written for trainers, by trainers, each book is designed to enhance your knowledge of core subject matter, while offering a practical guide to follow.
  • These books are jam-packed with job aids, checklists, the latest findings in technology, best practices, and other materials to make the learning transfer process simple.
ATD Workshop Series
The ATD Workshop Series is written for trainers by trainers, because no one knows workshops as well as the practitioners who have done it all. Each publication weaves in today's technology and accessibility considerations and provides a wealth of new content that can be used to create a training experience.
  • Each book includes all the activities, handouts, tools, and assessments you need to create and deliver powerful, effective training.
10 Steps
The 10 Steps series is designed for business professionals who need guidance on a wide array of topics. Titles provide quick, 10-step processes and solutions for enhancing skills and overcoming everyday challenges. Resources and references include checklists, tips, worksheets, and examples.
  • Bolster your business skills with this 17-book collection of 10 Steps series titles. Save more than 15 percent!
Basics Series
The ATD Training Basics series provides a baseline explanation of the theories and concepts behind featured topics, as well as instructions for their practical day-to-day application in the workplace. Exercises, assessments, and more help to assess need and get you up to speed on the fundamentals of training.
  • Accelerate your learning with the robust options in the Basics series.
ATD Press 2018 Spring Books Catalog
ATD Press Catalog
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