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Banish Video Bling!

How can you ensure your training videos won’t look embarrassing? The easiest way to avoid amateur-hour training videos is to banish ‘Video Bling’! Keep watching to learn more about ‘video bling’ and...

The 8 Mistakes That Keep Your E-Learning From Being Taken Seriously (Part 2): Unpracticed

Clark Quinn presented his session The 8 Mistakes That Keep Your E-Learning From Being Taken Seriously on January 11, 2017 at TK 2017. In this segment, he discusses why action and reflection are...

Creating a Cost-Effective E-Learning Platform for Engaging Talent Development

Gamified content, badges, and certificates, and a best-of-breed content strategy through Moodle can inspire social learning, collaboration, and friendly competition that keeps employees engaged and...

Enabling Virtual Learning By Design

We all know that the use of virtual classrooms, e-learning, and blended learning has gone beyond a trend to become an accepted and permanent part of the learning mix. It’s hard to find a subject that...

The IBM Manager Experience: A Strategic Transformation

IBM is currently leading its networked enterprise through a major transformation. New markets, new buyers, and new ways of working are demanding greater agility and speed like never before. In...


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  • The development of a learning experience.
  • Learning transfer can be defined as the ability of a learner to successfully apply the behavior, knowledge, and skills acquired in a learning event to their job.
  • A method to determine a learner's ability to complete certain tasks or demonstrate mastery of a skill or knowledge of content.
  • A systematic process for determining and addressing the gaps between current conditions and desired conditions. 
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