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The Structure of the Book

ATD sits down with Paul Smith to discuss what readers can expect from his new book, Learning While Working: Structuring Your On-the-Job Training.

Teaching Employees to Build Resilience

Resilience is a powerful skill and capability that can be developed. It is the ability to bounce back from obstacles and setbacks to achieve higher levels of performance. It requires developing...

Building Powerful Connections With Today's Diverse Audience

Unconscious bias, cultural misunderstanding, language differences, and communication errors often undermine performance in today's diverse organizations. Fortunately, we can learn to understand...

Not Just Another Meeting: Create An Intentional Approach with Impact

When meetings draw employees away from day-to-day tasks but fail to reach their intended outcome, it has huge costs to the organization. All too often, this happens because meetings lack...

Things to Know Before Launching a Training Program

As learning leaders, we often jump to ownership when we think of accountability. We forget that important first step—gaining commitment, an important prerequisite to ownership.

Using Video in Training: What to Look for and Why

Video is a unique beast. It's more engaging than a manual, but sharing it on your LMS (or worse, on YouTube) can create problems. It helps you scale your training worldwide, but every new recording...


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  • The act of administering training using classroom, virtual, or other formats.
  • The ability to hold learners' attention and promote participation.
  • A method to determine a learner's ability to complete certain tasks or demonstrate mastery of skills or knowledge.
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