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Putting Technology to Work

Paylocity is eager to explore new technologies in product guidance and data analytics as talent development tools.


Fri Jun 14 2024

Putting Technology to Work

Paylocity: 2024 BEST Award Winner, #10

Among the advancements currently paying off for human capital management provider Paylocity is its eagerness to explore new technologies such as artificial intelligence in product guidance and data analytics as talent development tools. "Since Paylocity is an innovative company, we seek to innovate where possible within talent development," says Joe Dusing, senior director of talent delivery and the HR program management office.


For example, the department's use of AI-generated content has ushered in a new era of instructional design by optimizing training processes such as course creation. In partnering with Paylocity's product and operations teams, the TD function also created in-product guidance tools to increase speed to proficiency, facilitating timely solutions.

Case in point: The team used AI last year to generate materials to enhance learning for new sales hires, such as relevant scenarios for job simulation. It leveraged AI to create customer profiles, websites, and LinkedIn pages to help new hires simulate various prospecting activities. The company reports that learners gained invaluable hands-on experience, preparing them for on-the-job situations and accelerating their development.

The TD team also leverages AI for audio narration, saving time recording and incorporating voice-overs in deliverables. It likewise uses AI to create and edit graphics, simplify video production, and execute other time-consuming tasks.

Those achievements didn't happen overnight, Dusing says. They began four years ago with Rob Onken, who took on the newly created role of creative learning design strategist. Onken embraced a carefully orchestrated program following the three Es:

  • Embrace technology.

  • Educate personnel on expedient uses.

  • Experiment within the marketplace.

Use cases and identifiable goals must drive initiatives, balancing them with current workload and stakeholder expectations. "Successful adoption of AI tools is evolutionary, not revolutionary," Dusing remarks.


The TD function made advances on other important fronts last year as well. For example, it launched an initiative to strengthen the onboarding process for new employees destined for client service roles. Called Client Loyalty Is My Business (CLIMB), it fully integrates entry-level hires into their jobs with the practical skills they need to excel before the company assigns them to a client service team—all within a safe but functional hands-on learning environment.

The immersive, 11-week curriculum pairs existing learning content with new "experience the work" and "do the work" elements. It was an instant success, as reflected in a 90 percent retention rate with new hires in critical roles, an 8 percent increase in confidence, and a 46 percent reduction in help tickets.

Performance development is an enduring priority for Dusing and his team, especially the encouragement of employees at every level to "own their own careers." Across the organization, the team aggressively encourages a growth mindset that promotes characteristics including resiliency, self-leadership, and collaboration. The TD function has woven those skills into leadership programs.

The results speak for themselves, says Dusing. "When you partner with your stakeholders and employees, you build an overall culture of continuous development. It is an integral part of our employee value \[proposition\], beginning in recruiting and carrying all the way through the employee journey."

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