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This unique assessment-based program has expert facilitators working closely with you to help you master all aspects of training delivery. With this program, you’ll identify areas where you excel, and where you have opportunities for growth. You’ll benefit from collaborative and concrete training, and then be invited to assess your skills and knowledge.

Proving your ability will earn you the respected title of ATD Master Trainer. Become part of this exclusive group today.

Be properly prepared as the role of the trainer evolves and more is demanded of your talent and time. The ATD Master Trainer Program is a unique assessment-based certificate offering that covers the entire process of delivering training, including: assessment, preparation, creating a positive learning environment, facilitating learning, and evaluating learning. Founded in theory and focused on practice and application, this program will develop your professional capacity in this delivering training area of expertise. You will have the opportunity to prove your ability, and give you and your organization a competitive advantage.

In this program, you will:

  1. Engage in an online learning community.
  2. Develop and demonstrate a foundational mastery in delivering training in a four-day face-to-face course.
  3. Choose an online elective (a second course) to meet a unique learning need and complete your learning experience.

Program Benefits:

  • connection to a cohort of learning professionals
  • a complete learning prioritization inventory tracking your professional growth in delivering training
  • access to the ATD comprehensive guide to delivering training
  • industry-recognized certificate—ATD Master Trainer
  • experience with three to four practice deliveries
  • a video of your final training delivery with individualized feedback and analysis
  • a robust participant guide, tools, resources, and templates to use back on the job.

The ATD Master Trainer Program is an opportunity for quick and comprehensive career 
alignment and professional growth.

The ATD Master Trainer Program is offered by the ATD Certification Institute.

Find out why facilitator Donna Steffey values the Master Trainer Certificate Program.

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  • Dec 03-06, 2019
  • Dec 10-13, 2019
Course Information
Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for professionals needing to deliver the most engaging and effective training, including:

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) responsible for delivering training.
  • Trainers wanting a solid framework for delivering training.
  • More experienced trainers seeking to confirm their mastery of this area of expertise.
What Will I Learn?

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Diagnose your current ability in delivering training, with the ATD Master Trainer Self-Assessment tool.
  • Prepare for a training session.
  • Conduct a needs and audience analysis to determine the need for training.
  • Identify measurable learning objectives.
  • Apply adult learning principles.
  • Establish an environment conducive to learning.
  • Create diverse opportunities for participants to connect with the content.
  • Facilitate learning using best practice techniques.
  • Practice learner-centered training methods and alternatives to lectures.
  • Develop strategies for different learning needs.
  • Identify challenges in the classroom, and select and apply the most effective solutions.
  • Enhance your capacity to design effective audio visuals and learning aids and use them successfully in the training.
  • Evaluate training at the “Four Levels”: participant satisfaction, learning, application and behavior change, and business impact.
  • Identify strengths of delivering face-to-face training and online learning, and determine best practices that apply to both environments.
  • Demonstrate core and comprehensive knowledge in delivering training, including principles, models, and trends.
  • Demonstrate the ATD essential skills in delivering training, including preparation, creating a positive learning environment, facilitating learning, managing challenges, and evaluating learning.
How Long Is This Course?

This is a blended learning experience consisting of three parts: an online Fundamentals, Core Course, and Online Elective. The Fundamentals section, which is self-directed, is accessible two weeks prior to the program, the Core Course takes place over four days via an in-person training, and then you choose an elective from a predetermined list of ATD online or face-to-face certificate programs. How long it takes to complete the elective course depends on scheduling (for example, when the program will be offered). Upon successful completion of all components, participants will receive their ATD Master Trainer certificate in the mail. ATD estimates that it should take approximately three to four months to complete the entire program.

Can I Earn Credit?

Earn 2.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successfully completing this program.This program may be eligible for up to 28 CPLP recertification points. This program may be eligible for up to 28 APTD recertification points. This program has been pre-approved for 28 (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. This program is valid for 28 PDCs for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit

Where does the ATD Master Trainer™ Program sit on the Stacked Framework?

The ATD Master Trainer Program is a new offering from ATD created at the request of training professionals. It sits on the spectrum of professional development between an ATD certificate program and the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance® credential.

Are there any prerequisites?

ATD strongly recommends participants have at least two to three years of exposure or experience with presenting or training.

Can I study prior to the Knowledge Test and Skill Demonstration?

Yes, during the Fundamentals you will have pre-work/reading, which will help prepare you not only for the Core Course, but for the Knowledge Test and Skill Demonstration as well.

Participants will have one opportunity to retake either or both the Knowledge Test and Skill Demonstration.

Knowledge Assessment

If they do not pass the Knowledge Assessment, participants can retake the assessment as many times as necessary in the ATD Learning Portal.

Skill Demonstration

If they do not pass the original Skill Demonstration, participants can choose from one of three ways to deliver a second presentation. Choices include:

  • Join another Core Course, Day 4, to participate in the Skill Demonstration.
  • Film and submit an example of their delivery in their workplace (must be an authentic delivery with live participants).
  • Arrange for an ATD expert facilitator to observe a training delivery using video conference technology (must be an authentic delivery with live participants).
What are the differences between ATD’s Certificate Programs, the ATD Master Trainer Program, and the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance® (CPLP®)?

The ATD Master Trainer Program is an enhanced certificate program, based specifically in depth on one Area of Expertise (AOE) in the ATD Competency Model, delivering training. This unique program is a combination of a training event and assessment component; offering instructional guidance to participants needing to develop or strengthen their foundational mastery in delivering engaging and effective training. The ATD Master Trainer Program is a great way for professionals to prove their ability in this one area of expertise.

The CPLP® is a comprehensive workplace learning and performance certification, based on a breadth of all nine AOEs in the ASTD Competency Model. CPLP® credentialing represents a level of professional achievement and competence. Just as important, achieving the credential demonstrates proficiency in support of learning and organizational performance and sets a standard of commitment to the learning and development profession. Becoming CPLP® certified makes you a leader as well as a role model in the learning and development community.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

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What Participants Are Saying
"I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to learn how to use activities, and get participants out of their seats and put ownership of the learning on them. There are always new ways to train and learn.This class was outstanding!"
"The ATD Master Trainer Program gave me the tools and the "inside" information I need as a trainer and facilitator to ensure learning takes place for seminar or workshop participants. Focusing on their needs is paramount to a successful learning event. I would recommend this program because it does a thorough job of outlining the thinking and theory behind the facilitative and training process. ATD is recognized and respected throughout the world. I felt ATD would give me the tools I need to develop as well as the credibility I need to function in the workplace."
"The  ATD Master Trainer program offered a highly productive learning environment with measurable goals and objectives. I was able to return to my job and immediately put my new skills to work. My favorite takeaways were: - Continually seek new ways to engage your learners and keep them interacting. - Try to reinforce how the learning will be beneficial to the learner. - Keep things fun and exciting."