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ATD Career Week 2019 Helps You Stay Current and Agile

Thursday, September 19, 2019

During ATD’s Career Week 2019, we plan to explore the new work landscape as it’s set forth today. From how to be more agile and flexible, to corporations with pay equity programs, to why we need to perform self-assessments, and even finding the right coach to keep us on track for career growth and success—this content will be housed across our various content channels from September 23–27.

The work landscape is changing faster than ever. As technological advancements continue to disrupt our personal and professional lives in ways we could never have imagined, it’s important to keep an open mind and be flexible. If we aren’t, we will not survive in the general workforce. We must prepare for major shifts in our organizations and our work styles, and we must be able to pivot and transition on cue. For more on this, see our content on Monday, September 23.

Along with being more flexible, the workforce is becoming more open-minded and diverse. Diversity, inclusion, and equality are major forces moving throughout our corporate cultures. Organizations are taking note and offering more flexible workplaces while publicly announcing diversity and inclusion programs like ensuring pay equity across the sexes. Check out our blog post coming on Tuesday, September 24 to dive into this topic.

However much the workforce changes and programs are stood up to advance our careers, we are still responsible for our own career advancement. Part of moving forward involves looking back and reassessing ourselves and our performance and choosing those around us who can help us reach the next level. We offer an engaging video on this self-performance topic on Wednesday, September 25.

To get to the next level, we have to ask ourselves, how did we get here, where do we want to go, and what do we need to take that next step—sometimes made easier with the help of a mentor or a coach or by obtaining a new credential—all of which you will find content on how to do this week.

Check back in with us throughout the week for great content on keeping your career agile and moving toward success. Here are the highlights:

Monday, September 23

During a webcast with Senior Talent Manager Amy Dinning, we explore the notion of how to “ Always Be Ready: Change Is Inevitable in Life and in Your Career.” She’ll provide you with the skills to change your point of view and tools to develop game plans to be ready for changes in your career as well discuss how to create specific action plans for how to move forward. Tune in at 2 p.m. EDT for this incredible webcast.


Tuesday, September 24

Equal pay for equal work is not a new concept—legislation has been around for 50 years prohibiting pay discrimination on the basis of sex. For myriad of reasons, including the MeToo movement, women now consist of 47 percent of the U.S. workforce, and more women than ever hold positions in public offices. Organizations are starting to analyze their data and provide programs ensuring they are offering equal pay for equal work. A blog post by ATD Career Development Content Manager Lisa Spinelli will share a listing of organizations that have taken this pay equity pledge and started such programs as well as some of their open positions on the ATD Job Bank.

Sometimes finding your best fit organization means finding a new job or finding a new location to work. To help you in your career growth and career moves, ATD is giving you the latest tips and tricks to ensure your resume is seen and noted by recruiters. After you are done taking notes on your resume, download one of our fully designed templates to make sure your resume catches the eyes of the hiring manager.

Wednesday, September 25

Ultimately, our careers are our own. If you want to own your story and career growth, you have to take a personal assessment every now and then. Talent development expert and ATD author Vivian Blade helps you do just that in a video that will get you one step closer to your career goals. (ATD Members can check out her article in the September issue of the TD Magazine, " Decision Time at a Career Crossroads."


Looking to make a switch? Maybe you are transitioning from one career field into the talent development space and don’t know how to take that first step. ATD author, career coach, and transitions expert Lisa Downs joins us on the My Career blog topic page to discuss skills needed for transitioning from a career field into the world of L&D. (Check out her blog post, "Commanding to Coaching: Transitioning Successfully From Military Service.")

Thursday, September 26

For many, finding a mentor can change their lives. Mentees often report becoming more efficient and effective in their work, learning new skills, and developing more confidence. For a new mom returning to work, finding a mentor can be even more necessary for their overall career growth and newfound balancing act. In a new blog post, mentoring expert and Mentorcliq’s Chief Talent & Diversity Officer Jenn Labin shares why it’s so important to find a mentor as a new mom and gives potential mentors a breakdown on how to successfully mentor a new mother.

At ATD we often hear from people asking if they should get a credential or a certificate or if they should go back to school for another degree in learning and development. In this free ATD webcast, listen to a panel of employers who will discuss why they prefer applicants with a certification, how they support their employee’s certification journeys, as how they suggest making a business case about pursuing a certification to employers.

Friday, September 27

When you want the final word in career growth, you want a coach. A coach can not only help keep you accountable for actions you set forth, but they can help foster revelations and personal revelations as to your career path you never thought of on your own. ATD author and executive coach Nadine Greiner offers a lively and informative coaching webcast to help you find the right coach match for your career goals and growth.

About the Author

Lisa Spinelli is the Senior Content Manager for the Career Development, Talent Management and Finance communities as well as the ATD Job Bank administrator and host of the The Accidental Trainer podcast. She is also the creator and manager of the ATD transitioning military service member workshops, Troops to Trainers, and editor of the ATD Press book Teachers to Trainers.

Prior to joining ATD, Lisa worked as a content strategist, editor, and journalist for over 14 years. Some of her freelance work was previously published with Fast Company magazine, Huffington Post, Mental Floss, Northern Virginia Magazine, Houston Chronicle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Associated Press, to name a few. She grew up in Rome, Italy, and is an alumna of the University of Virginia and the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. She currently resides in Northern Virginia with her three little divas and USAF veteran husband. Follow her on Twitter @atdcareerdev.

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