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Strengthen, Renew, Confirm—Supported, Refreshed, and Affirmed

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Experiencing a certificate program before the annual ATD International Conference & EXPO provides an opportunity to network with colleagues not just from your program but from the many other certificate programs as well. The environment is international, providing insight into global best practices in talent development.

Particularly, the ATD Master Trainer Certificate Program can be summed up in three words: strengthen, renew, confirm.

No matter how many years you have been a trainer, there are always opportunities to strengthen knowledge and skills related to the training delivery area of expertise. Benefit from resources such as the training delivery excerpt from the ATD Learning System during Part 1: Fundamentals to strengthen knowledge as well as the practice delivery guidance and collaboration during Part 2: Core Course to enhance skills. Focus on your craft during the ATD Master Trainer Certificate Program.

Are you feeling like you have been going through the motions during your training sessions without giving your role as trainer much thought? The ATD Master Trainer Certificate Program can serve as a source of renewal for you. There are a variety of experiences that you will not only go through yourself, but may also wish to include in your training programs to provide renewal experiences for your learners.

For example, you will experience a self-directed learning opportunity in Part 1: Fundamentals, accessing resources on your schedule to meet your individual needs. Your learners may need access to resources outside of formal learning opportunities to renew their enthusiasm and expertise within your organization.

Another example is the social learning opportunity, using a discussion board. Exchanging ideas with international colleagues may provide a foundation to renew your training effort in your programs. You may also be inspired to incorporate social learning into your plans to support collaboration throughout your organization, reinvigorating learners’ willingness to embrace new ideas.


Part 2: Core Course provides an example of using practice opportunities to renew proficiency. Do you have sufficient practice opportunities in your workshops or are they more focused on communication of content? Use the practice experiences in the ATD Master Trainer Program as a model to enhance practice opportunities in your programs.

Finally, how do you use feedback to renew your training approach? One element of Part 3, the Wrap-Up Assignment, provides an opportunity to seek feedback on your performance that aligns with training delivery skill categories, determining whether you have applied what you learned during the Master Trainer Program into your deliveries. Also consider what you offer to learners, such as a capstone project that helps them feel renewed by applying what you taught them.

There are so many things that you are already doing well! Use the ATD Master Trainer Program to confirm your knowledge and skills in the training delivery area of expertise. The Knowledge Assessment can be taken any time throughout the program to verify your understanding of training. This confirmation translates to being able to exchange ideas about what is necessary for successful training delivery with not only colleagues who are in this certificate program but also those who are attending ATD 2019. Networking opportunities abound, and confirming your knowledge may encourage you to reach out to even more talent development professionals! The Skill Demonstration on the last day of Part 2: Core Course confirms your training delivery skills. During this high-energy experience, you may showcase your talents for colleagues as well as gain ideas from others’ skill demonstrations that you may add to your toolbox for future training deliveries.


As a result of experiencing the ATD Master Trainer Certificate Program, you will feel supported, refreshed, and affirmed. Your facilitator and cohort support you on your journey to becoming an ATD Master Trainer through discussion posts, learning activities, practice deliveries, and skill demonstrations. They offer words of encouragement as well as specific feedback intended to strengthen and validate your training approaches. If you are open to this experience and choose to be fully present, you will leave feeling refreshed. This feeling will not only propel you to a valuable ATD conference experience, it will also transfer to the job, providing an energized environment for your learners. Finally, your dedication to the ATD Master Trainer Program will lead to feeling affirmed as your success will be evident in the Knowledge Assessment and Skill Demonstration.

The ATD Master Trainer Program strengthens and assesses knowledge and skill in the training delivery area of expertise. It showcases new ideas and validates existing best practices, giving you tools and confidence to provide learners with engaging experiences.

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About the Author

Julie Patrick is a learning and performance consultant with JP Learning Associates. Julie has been a trainer, facilitator, and instructional designer since 1992. As a former manager of a corporate university, Julie was responsible for new employee orientation, leadership and management, sales, client training, systems, and administrative training programs. She holds numerous certifications, including DDI, AchieveGlobal, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, and designs and implements training and development solutions that help clients achieve their desired business results. Julie also serves as an in-person and online facilitator for ATD's Master Trainer, Training Certificate, Instructional Design Certificate and Creating New Manager Training Programs Certificate Programs. She also wrote the Infolines "Creating Training Manuals" and "Creative Facilitation Techniques for Training." Julie has a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in organization development.

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