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Monday, December 3, 2018

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Use dashboards and analytics to prove training's worth.

Training's effectiveness needs to be measured in the business value the learning program has affected, write Gene Pease and Caroline Brant in this month's issue of TD at Work, "Fuel Business Strategies With L&D Analytics."

In recent years, talent development practitioners have measured that effectiveness through some type of dashboard as simple as an Excel spreadsheet or one that is dynamic. Whichever the case, it's important to look at historical data for patterns to create correlations.

Whereas dashboards once provided such data as course completion rates, dashboards now are much more detailed, offering such insights as how content is being consumed, where engagement is occurring, and whether knowledge transfer is achieved.

It's critical for talent development professionals to understand what data the business requires to gauge whether training is successful. Answer these questions:

  • From the business perspective, how does an organization or group make money?
  • Does the people strategy align with this perspective?

Once you answer those questions, establish why the business has a need for analyses. Determine whether there is a need for:

  • operational efficiencies—for example, making a function or operation more efficient
  • growth initiatives, such as increasing sales or revenue projects
  • compliance reporting—that is, keeping track of required training
  • making a better workplace for employees—such as offering wellness programs, diversity initiatives, or recognition and rewards.

These tips were adapted from the December 2018 issue of TD at Work. Learn more at

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