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Friday, December 1, 2023

Relationships are key, whatever your immersive learning use case.

When L&D professionals hear the term immersive learning, many tend to think about technology, such as 360-degree video, augmented reality, or virtual reality. In fact, extended reality (XR) is the umbrella term for immersive technologies. But one of the first components that Phoenix R. Cavalier introduces in "A Framework for Immersive Learning" is a focus on relationships—not technology (although the latter certainly plays a role). In the guide, Cavalier provides a framework for getting started.


In the first milestone, identifying and defining the use case, L&D professionals must establish relationships with the internal business team members who manage and oversee the tools for the XR initiative. Regardless of what platform you use, Cavalier explains, "you'll need open and clear lines of communication among many stakeholders" throughout deployment to align the XR use case with the organization.

Only then, after stressing the importance of internal bonds, does Cavalier address the hardware involved in an XR project. While analyzing the specifications of wearables, tablets, or other technology, he notes, consider such factors as memory, connectivity, and price.

Cavalier outlines three "build" levels for XR content design: flat, semi-immersive, and immersive. Your use case doesn't need to be fancy. For example, flat XR can be perfect for providing instructions or short videos that support knowledge and performance.


Finally, make sure to consider expectations. The experience learners have in their personal lives will affect their expectations for learning at work.

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