February 2022
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Master the Art of Persuasion

Monday, January 31, 2022

A convincing argument can increase your influence over time.

Consider the relationships you have as a talent development professional: clients, senior leaders, managers, subject matter experts, learners, and your own team. To be effective, you often likely need to convince others to support your position regarding such matters as the time, place, and format for training and development.


In "Persuade Effectively and Grow Your Influence," Grace Torre outlines strategies for becoming more persuasive—a skill you use in the moment to change a point of view—and grow your influence, your longer-term ability to sway others, which is often associated with a title and on reputation and respect. Here are some of Torre's recommendations:

Explain how your idea will benefit others. Helping others see how your solution will benefit them is first about understanding what's important to them. For example, do they need their team to work more effectively?

Involve others in your solution. It can be difficult to let others contribute to your idea. But it may be key to gaining buy-in. Gauge the viability for your solution by asking others to vet it.


Make a strong case. What kind of data does your audience find valuable? Does a leader follow a particular think tank and believe what it has to say? Use data to support your idea, but only after you have made a convincing case.

Use your emotional intelligence skills. Listen, echo back what the other person is saying, and be respectful.

These tips were adapted from the February 2022 issue of TD at Work. Learn more at td.org/TDatWork.

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