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A Decentralized Workforce Doesn't Have to Be Stagnant

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

While the shift to remote work spurred by the global health crisis has been disruptive in many ways, some experts argue that forward-thinking leaders can still promote innovation in decentralized teams—it just takes some creativity. To foster innovation, though, it helps to understand where it comes from. At its core, innovative thought comes from a place of empathy and understanding generated by observing the actions of people with a problem that needs to be solved. With this in mind, a remote business plan can be beneficial. Telecommunications tools like video conferencing allow small teams to go into the field without leaving their homes to observe and ask why. But keep in mind that these same tools have become so ubiquitous that many workers feel burned out. Huddles, team calls, and one-on-ones are filling calendars, leaving many drained. To keep teams thinking creatively, make sure they have enough time to think deeply about issues. While an innovative solution can come as a bolt of lightning, that usually won't strike without prior in-depth thinking.

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