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Talent Development Leader

Talent development leader, for years you have trusted ATD to develop your team; now ATD is elevating its content, communities, and capabilities to develop you. Talent Development Leader is ATD’s brand for your professional development, providing content that fosters and promotes your thought leadership; community that progresses with your career; and capabilities backed by ATD’s Capability Model that keep you on the leading edge of the field.

Talent Development Leader publishes new digital content monthly for current and aspiring talent development executives. This dynamic multimedia publication fosters and promotes the thought leadership of those who are influencing the talent development field. It is ATD's best content for TD leaders.

Talent Development Leader provides a high-level look at the top trends in talent development and offers practical solutions to burning challenges in the field through the following articles:

  • Spotlight is an in-depth profile of a talent development executive.

  • Hot Topic is a high-level examination of macro-level, global issues that are affecting the world of work.

  • Angst Index looks at top TD leader challenges, such as measuring impact and effectiveness, leadership development, business and strategic alignment, adapting to globalization, employee engagement, resource allocation, leadership support, budget, time, and succession planning.

  • Confessions From the C-Suite is a real-life perspective other than the typical “happily ever after.” A TD leader details a big problem or situation they encountered, the struggle and solution, as well as the lessons they learned from it.

  • Executive Know-How offers guidance on building the skills needed at the executive level, such as strategic planning, business acumen, critical thinking, consulting, agility and adaptability, and data and analytics.

  • Prove It is is a case study that highlights the business impact a talent development initiative made on the business.

  • State of TD is a section with three research roundups and trend reports to keep you up to date on the latest talent development news.

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