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Create a Culture of Success for Successful Onboarding

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

As we settle into the new normal, business leaders are looking to hire talent. It's critical that hiring managers consider their onboarding practices. If a new employee isn't set up for success, there can be tremendous problems down the road including the new hire leaving before they had a chance to flourish in their position. One overarching element of successful onboarding is communication. This doesn't just mean communication between the hiring manager and the new employee; everyone on the employee's new team should know who they are when they are coming and what their part will be in the new hire's success. Additionally, this communication should focus on answering “why” questions. Why are we adding this role? Why does the team need someone with this skill set? Why was this individual selected? This will help create a culture of success for the new hire on day one. The sink or swim mentality some organizations take with new hires is rarely successful. Yes, you'll weed out weaker people, but putting new hires through a crucible focuses primarily on failure and would likely hurt the organization in the long run.

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