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Engagement Is a Top Priority in 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Last year saw a major boom in hiring, and because of this many HR managers say they are now focusing their attention on employee retention. The reason for this is that all the work they put into recruiting won’t mean anything if employees choose to leave. “Employee engagement will play a big role in the HR realm in 2017,” says Brad Stultz, human resources director at Totally Promotional. “With record low unemployment rates continuing across the country, employees find themselves in a position to change career paths on a whim.” One of the main tools for keeping new employees engaged will be embracing flexible schedules. This practice has grown through the years, and employers who don’t keep up with the times will soon fall behind. “Flexible scheduling has been rising in popularity across all age ranges and I believe that in 2017 businesses will fully embrace it as a work perk,” says Dana Case, director of operations at MyCorporation. “We offer all of our employees (Millennials in particular) flex scheduling and find that there are no downsides to this offering. We trust them to get their work done, and because of that relationship, they always get everything done and done well.”

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