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Executive Buy-In Critical for Successful Training

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Training is critically important to the success of a workforce, but all too often it is an afterthought in strategic planning. Some organizations treat training as a formality, and as a result, training fails to drive employee engagement, and knowledge is not retained. In fact, according to recent surveys, up to 70 percent of employees say they forgot what they learned in their training sessions in only 24 hours. This is a tremendous waste of resources—on the part of the organization who paid to conduct the training, and on the part of the employee whose time is wasted by it. One way to counteract this effect, however, is to get the buy-in from upper-level management. Right now, only 25 percent of senior management says learning and development is critical to business outcomes, so it’s not a surprise many organizations struggle. Senior-level buy-in is essential, and training programs will become more effective when management realizes and promotes the value of training, providing support for employees and creating concrete objectives. 

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