August 2015
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Gamification to Increase Engagement

Friday, August 7, 2015

The crucial nature of employee engagement has become apparent in recent years. Engaged employees are more likely to work harder, produce higher-quality output, and remain with the company longer. However, keeping employees engaged in their jobs is often a conundrum, reliant on many nuanced elements. Some companies are using gamification to drive both loyalty and engagement, finding that internal gamification can yield impressive results in a workforce. By adding elements from games such as unlocking awards, holding contests, and giving out prizes, companies are finding workers become more connected with their jobs. "People are driven by competition," said Mick Hollison, chief marketing officer of sales acceleration platform "Many organizations struggle to keep their employees engaged, but by incorporating game-like incentives and a bit of friendly competition into their day-to-day routine, employees are motivated to achieve success above and beyond their standard goals." However, employers should add products and incentives with caution, as those elements, if used improperly, may create unwanted competition, hostility, and resentment.

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