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Low Motivation Undercuts Performance

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It’s not an uncommon feeling—sometimes you just don’t want to work. Lack of motivation hits everyone at one point or another. However, when this lack of motivation becomes existential dread of spending another waking moment at the office, that’s when you should pay attention. “Low motivation can do many things to an employee, including slow down productivity, weaken attention to detail, and decrease willingness to move forward with projects and assignments,” says Angela Payne, general manager at Monster Canada. “Low motivation can be contagious. If one particular employee has low motivation, there’s potential for a team to lag or be influenced by that attitude.” There are myriad reasons an employee may lose their motivation, but some of the most common include not having a clear line of sight to company goals, feeling unempowered, or feeling a lack of purpose in their work. Additionally, toxic workplace environments and overbearing bosses can drain an employee of motivation. “An overbearing boss generally leads to micromanagement, which can impact an employee’s motivation and self-confidence to put new ideas forward,” according to Payne. “Ways to avoid this are allowing employees to lead on certain aspects of projects or assignments and leaving time to review, revise, and learn as needed.”

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