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Managerial Engagement

Monday, May 16, 2016

By now, employee engagement is recognized as critical in productivity, retention, and the overall success of a business. However, most organizations spend a lot of time focusing on employees, while neglecting their managers. This oversight can be damaging. If managers aren’t engaged, there is a high probability that those who report to them aren’t, either. And while it may be a workplace cliché, it’s true that employees don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad managers. There is no way ineffectual, disengaged managers will inspire their employees, and there is a high likelihood that turnover under such managers will increase. “The important thing for managers is to understand that there's a problem, and that they can play a key role in addressing it,” says Karen Hsu, vice president of marketing and workforce management and employee engagement at software company Badgeville. “Starting at a very basic level, you need to understand the importance of connecting with your direct reports, and recognizing and rewarding them for their achievements. But it's not just getting recognized and rewarded. There are positive impacts on engagement for those giving the recognition, too."

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