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Often Overlooked Aspects of Training

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Training not only helps employees develop their skills, but also helps prevent problems. Some training topics are straightforward, while others may go overlooked. For example, when putting together an employee training program, many companies overlook culture-based learning. It shouldn’t matter if the employee is brand new or a 20-year veteran; ongoing education around the company’s cultural expectations is very important. Also, it's critical to train employees to align their personal brand with the organization. Employees should know their uniqueness is crucial to the company’s success, but they should also understand that their personal branding should align with organizational branding and values. Their career successes shouldn’t just be about their performance, but also about their demonstration of the organization’s core values. Finally, organizations need to understand that if training isn’t immediately available to all workers, it’s useless. Making materials available through mobile apps allows all employees to remain informed and increases the repeatability and scalability of any training program.

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