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Preventing Burnout Prevents Turnover

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Employee turnover is extremely costly. According to the experts at the Work Institute, the average cost of losing one employee is about $15,000. While some turnover is inevitable, the data shows about 77 percent of the reasons people quit could have been prevented by the employer. Rather than accept turnover as an inevitable conclusion, managers can be proactive about it and address problems before employees start leaving. One of the first places to start is addressing burnout. Burnout is a widespread ailment affecting at least 40 percent of the workforce in some form or fashion. Now, with many employees working remotely, staving off burnout is more important than ever. Ethan Taub, the founder of Goalry and Loanry, said the transition to digital work platforms has put them on high alert for employees experiencing burnout. “The main challenge we have experienced is getting staff who work from home to switch off and put their computers away,” he said. “As they’re not in view of team leaders or supervisors, they tend to overcompensate and do more work than is required to make sure they are trusted.” To prevent this type of burnout, managers should set clear expectations and good examples. Work-life balance is important, and that importance should be sacrosanct in organizational culture. Set policies that define clear boundaries between life and work and never expect employees to be “always on.”

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