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The Fallacy of Mocking Millennials

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Millennials have the reputation of being overly sensitive, in need of constant coddling, and narcissistic. This stereotype is, of course, incomplete, but not totally unfounded. It’s true that young workers are changing the interpersonal dynamics of their workplaces, but that might be a good thing. For years young people have been threatened with “the real world”: a dog-eat-dog place where their opinions don’t matter and their feelings have no weight. The idea is that to be successful in the business world, one must be animalistic, cold, and calculating. Simply put, the influence of such individuals has made business mean. But is this really the best way to run things? Abusive behavior does not foster productivity. In fact, a recent study showed that employees with abusive bosses were five times more likely to purposefully slow down their work and nearly six times more likely to call in sick. Additionally, this type of environment does little to boost employee morale. So while Millennials are mocked for demanding “safe spaces,” they might be right. In the most productive workplaces, managers are demanding without being discouraging, and honest without being rude. Maybe, thanks to Millennials, the new status quo will be kinder and more productive.

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