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The Happy Employee

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Employee engagement is a popular topic among management, but employee happiness is an equally important metric that is often overlooked. Happiness isn’t just a feel-good term that puts a smile on everyone’s face when they sit down at their desks; it’s a measurable workplace attribute that directly affects a business’s bottom line. Simply put, happy employees save money. First, they save on recruitment costs. If employees are happy with their jobs, they are likely to stay at their job longer. Recruitment is tremendously expensive, and if happiness cuts down on turnover, it’s an important consideration. Additionally, happy employees are more likely to tell their friends or family about the workplace, helping to recruit top-quality employees without much work, based solely on the strength of the brand’s reputation. Productivity increases as well when employees are happy. Happy employees believe in what they are doing, and their communication with clients is positive and builds lasting relationships. A client is more likely to continue to do business with a happy associate, positively affecting the organization’s bottom line.

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