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The Hybrid Future of Work Will Require Communication and Consistency

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The future of work is uncertain. How will jobs change? What skills will employees need? And maybe most importantly, where will these jobs be performed? Many companies have said they will continue to allow employees to work from home indefinitely; others have said they want people back in a traditional office as soon as it's safe. Many others will probably land somewhere in the middle, prompting business leaders to ask how will these hybrid models work? The first thing to do, experts say, is to have a clear, written policy on work expectations. “One of the things employers should be doing to address hybrid workplaces is looking at their policies or updating their handbook to make sure internal practices are followed,” said Deniece Maston, knowledge advisor at the Society for Human Resource Management. She added that consistency in this policy is critical, which means communication also needs to be prioritized. “Managers should set expectations about performance, communication, and in-person meetings at the beginning of the hybrid relationship and everyone should understand that this should continue to evolve with the demands of the business,” said Vanessa Matsis-McCready, associate general counsel and director of human resources for Engage PEO.

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