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What Will Successful Teams Look Like Post-Pandemic?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

While the pandemic was hugely disruptive, most organizations that made it through are finding their footing and looking to the future. It seems like remote work is here to stay in some form for many organizations, which needs to be considered when thinking about how teams can emerge into the new normal with renewed strength. The first trait to consider for post-pandemic remote teams is agility. Agile management practices are taking the place of long meetings with long-term goal setting involved. Outcomes should be set for the week, and sprints should be conceptualized in months, not quarters. Accountability is also an important trait for the successful teams of the future. Establish clear outcomes and visions for what success looks like and hold up team members to those standards. This also means giving up some element of control. Set goals but don't micromanage. If team members are achieving what's asked of them, it doesn't matter if they're taking an hour-long jog in the afternoon. Allow people to figure out what works for them within reason. Finally, empathy will be a hallmark of successful teams in the coming months and years. Employees aren't robots—their personal struggles, insecurities, and fears will affect their professional performance. Taking an interest in fostering the well-being of the whole person will lead to better outcomes going forward.

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