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Build the Virtual Training Capability You Need to Produce Business Impact in the COVID-Era

No business has been left untouched by the impact of the pandemic. Every leader is figuring out how to adapt so that their business is positioned for rebound. ATD is working with companies to upskill...

Ask Better Questions to Build a Better Learning Ecosystem

When it comes to evaluating the technologies that will comprise your learning ecosystem, a few guiding questions should be asked about your learning technologies. The right questions will be...

Tips for Applying for an ATD BEST Award

The talent development function plays an important role in organizational success, but doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. Winning an ATD BEST Award will demonstrate your value as a...

Emotional Intelligence: Connecting Training, Education, and Medicine

The growing problem of physician burnout is linked to low emotional intelligence (EI), depression, anxiety, and poor performance outcomes. Research suggests burnout takes root in medical school,...

The State of Video For Talent Development in 2020 and Beyond

We have seen video grow exponentially in the last several years as people move away from the written word in favor of the more engaging format of video. Globally, video will become more than 80...

ATD TechKnowledge 2020 Top Session: Create Effective Microlearning in Record Time with PowerPoint (Storytelling with Morph)

Richard Goring takes a deep dive from his ATD TK2020 Top Session on microlearning to show how the morph transition in PowerPoint can be useful in various storytelling techniques. Instructional...

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