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ATD has curated several resources to help you design and deliver effective training to a remote workforce. And you’ll find courses you can take to deepen your skills on this important work.

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Evolving L&D: Before Artificial Intelligence ... Master Adaptive Learning

Nowadays, the pace of change feels like a strange collision between keeping up and catapulting forward. Instead of being held back by our technology, we’re being handed an explosion of possibilities....

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All-New Spectacular Virtual Classroom Activities

You want to be an engaging virtual trainer, but how do you create real learning experiences in a virtual classroom? Is there anything more to this than using polling? Activities are the key! But it's...

Lessons From Marketing to Increase Your Learner Engagement

Timely communications along with content variety, relevance, and accessibility are proven techniques to increase initial participation in your training program. But too often we see learner...

How to Be a Great Remote Teammate

Do you have the skills you need---not just to get your work done, but also to be seen as a great remote teammate? In this session, you will learn the attributes of great remote teams, their leaders,...

Effective Virtual Training: A Road Map to Success

Have you been asked to design or deliver virtual training but aren’t sure where to start? Have you been facilitating virtual classes and want to make them better? Are you doing everything you can to...

The Virtual Manager: The Benefits of a Remote Workforce

Employee engagement expert Kevin Sheridan discusses the upsides and advantages to allowing your workforce to work remotely.

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