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Cracking the Culture Code: How to Build a Better, More Inclusive Work Culture

When it comes to creating a healthier, higher-performing organization, culture matters the most. The research is quite clear—diverse and inclusive environments are performance enhancers. They are...

The Real Rules of Training

Jonathan Halls debunks the so-called rules of training that focus on making the trainer look good. He suggests that trainers should develop their own rules of training that center around the learner.

Take It on the Chin Coaching

Effective coaching does not start in the locker room at halftime. In this webcast, you will learn when to coach using continuous negative and positive feedback for your team. You will learn to coach...

Meaningful Feedback Moments: Radical Candor LLC & Second City

Kim Scott, Co-Founder Radical Candor LLC and Author of Radical Candor, and Steven Johnston, President and Managing Partner of Second City, discuss teaching people how to have meaningful moments of...

Take It From the Top: Tamar Elkeles

This video profile from ATD's Take It From the Top series features CTDO Next member Tamar Elkeles, chief human resources officer for XCOM. Elkeles encourages talent development professionals to take...

How HR and L&D Can Bridge the Gap Between Learning and Performance

The days of point-in-time performance reviews are disappearing. The modern workforce wants a continuous feedback loop to answer questions like: - “How am I doing?” - “Where am I headed?” - “What...

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