Versal, an interactive course creation and publishing platform, has recently launched Versal for Teams Beta, a new platform for organizations to collaborate internally on course design and management.

Taking all the functionality of the original Versal platform, Versal for Teams adds a layer of administrative and learner evaluation features. Users can designate course authors, manage author activity and course progress, and track learner analytics from the program's dashboard.

Designing education or training courses internally can mire down valuable resources for months, and result in disparate and costly solutions. Instructional designers and trainers often grab whatever tools are handy at the moment—videos, slide decks, or Flash demos. Occasionally certain learning items or entire courses will require custom-coding by internal software developers. And while locally hosted software may allow for learner management, the course offerings they contain are often rigid and noninteractive.


Versal for Teams's software-as-a-service platform eliminates the need for locally hosting design and management software, and allows users to create and package complete learning offerings, with no coding or other technical knowledge required. Course authors start with a blank canvas, and add text, video, quizzes, charts, diagrams, and other customizable interactive simulations directly into the course using Versal gadgets. Courses can then be embedded on a website, or shared directly with learners.

Versal for Teams Beta may be particularly well-suited to organizations considering a DIY design approach for their next learning offering. For more information, visit