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ATD serves the needs of its entire global community by hosting events and professional development offerings. We help talent development professionals grow their skills, knowledge, and impact.
  • ATD Global Presence

    As the largest professional association for learning and talent development professionals, ATD—the Association for Talent Development—proudly serves more than 35,000 members from more than 120 countries. ATD, formerly ASTD, has grown its global reach for nearly 75 years. In 2014, ATD changed its name to reflect its commitment to the worldwide community of talent development professionals, and established its first international office in China.

    From membership to conferences, education, and certifications, ATD offers comprehensive resources for organizations and individuals. This commitment to service and excellence makes ATD respected around the world. ATD serves the needs of its global community by hosting events and professional development offerings with our partners.

ATD Global Presence in Canada, Caribbean, and Latin America
  • ATD serves the talent development community in Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America, together with our member network and supporters in the region.
ATD Global Presence in Asia and Oceania
  • ATD serves the talent development community in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, together with our partners and supporters.
  • ATD delivers education programs, conferences, workshops and networking opportunities to foster China's talent development profession. *Website in Chinese
  • Through its member network in Japan, ATD serves talent development profession through an annual conference, workshops, face-to-face education courses, and networking events.
ATD Global Presence in Europe
  • ATD serves the talent development community together with our member network and supporters in Europe.
ATD Global Presence in Middle East and Africa
  • ATD serves the talent development community in Middle East and Africa together with our partners and supporters.
  • International Membership

    ATD offers unique networking experiences, with members representing more than 120 countries in the talent development profession. As an international professional investing in your talent development team, you know that an ATD membership will help you improve your employees’ success and ultimately your organization’s performance. But did you know that your membership also gives you access to experiential workshops, events, and best practices resources from global leaders?

    As an ATD international member, you receive:

    • exclusive industry-leading content
    • relevant resources
    • cutting-edge research
    • discounted rates on ATD products
    • exclusive access to unique learning opportunities.

    International corporate membership is available to organizations outside the United States and Canada.

  • ATD Global Events

    As ATD’s global footprint continues to grow, our focus is on making sure that our content and offerings are relevant to our global members. In recent years, ATD has brought its conference expertise to other parts of the world. Together with partners, ATD has organized events in China, India, Korea, Japan, the Middle East, Mexico, and Taiwan. More events in more countries will be offered in the coming years.

  • Publications

    With more than 131 titles that have been translated into 21 languages, ATD leads the field with content that advances the profession, highlights proven practices, and raises awareness of the value of developing talent on a global scale, written by the most respected leaders in training and development.

  • Certification

    The ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) aims to provide world-class credentials for talent development professionals. We achieve this by:

    • creating talent development profession-wide standards
    • providing an independent assessment of those standards through credentialing
    • supporting career paths through testing
    • ensuring recognition through certification
    • ensuring continued professional development through recertification.

    Global test centers are available through a delivery partner. Contact ATD CI below for further details and availability.

  • Education

    We have partnered with global leaders dedicated to enriching the talent development industry to bring ATD’s highly demanded education content to different countries. ATD partners with companies including 51Job (China) and Informa (UAE) to localize ATD education programs even further. Various education programs are available in English, Arabic, and Chinese. Click here for programs in available in China. Click here for programs available in the Middle East.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Interested in resources to upskill your entire organization or team? Serving Fortune 500 organizations around the world, ATD has created innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver resources to support entire talent development teams globally. Through digital content portals, customized learning plans, increased buying power for education workshops, and private on-site and online course deliveries, we are here to support your organization and ensure that success at all levels is attained through a solid foundation of experience and forward-thinking talent development practices.

  • Partners and Collaboration

    ATD works with global partners to bring the latest content to different regions worldwide. Please find out more about our partners and areas of international collaboration.

Strategic Partners & Member Networks
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  • ATD collaborates with organizations from around the world to advance the global community of talent development and learning professionals. The typical areas that we collabora... Learn More
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