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The Core Texts! The E-Learning Professional's Must-Have Books

111520_E-Learning Fundamentals

E-Learning Fundamentals

This ultimate road map covers the entire e-learning landscape.

Why do we even need e-learning? What is an LMS? How do I write a storyboard? If you’re delving into e-learning...

By Desirée Pinder, Diane Elkins on June 1, 2015

111704_Virtual Training Tools and Templates

Virtual Training Tools and Templates

Are your virtual training tools ready for a tune-up?

You've discovered the best way to reach remote audiences without boarding a single plane. And you've learned that an effective virtual...

By Cindy Huggett, CPTD on June 27, 2017

111513_Technology for Trainers, 2nd Edition

Technology for Trainers, 2nd Edition

Turn your training vision into a workable, functional e-learning program.

In this fully refreshed second edition, award-winning e-learning expert and technical educator Thomas Toth guides technology-hungry trainers through e-learning development—without...

By Thomas Toth on September 18, 2015


What's Next? Books on Trends and Cutting-Edge Topics


Learning Science for Instructional Designers

Ensure Your Instructional Design Stands Up to Learning Science

Learning science is a professional imperative for instructional designers. In fact, instructional design is applied learning science. To create...

By Clark N. Quinn on April 13, 2021

111711_Learning in the Age of Immediacy

Learning in the Age of Immediacy

Welcome to the age of immediacy.

We’re in a new era of learning, one in which learners expect information to be available when and where they want it. How do...

By Brandon Carson on May 26, 2017

111215_Rapid Video Development for Trainers: How to Create Learning Videos Fast and Affordably

Rapid Video Development for Trainers: How to Create Learning Videos Fast and Affordably

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Rapid Video Development for Trainers meets the needs of companies and individuals who are thinking about...

By Jonathan Halls on May 4, 2012


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