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International Candidates

Reaching Credentialing Worldwide
Certification at a Glance
The ATD CI offers credentials based on the ATD Competency Model. Validate your knowledge and skills in the talent development profession with an ATD certification.

The following information and resources are designed to aid international candidates with our certification programs.


Things To Know About CPLP

CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance) is a credential for talent development (TD) professionals offered by the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI). Only ATD CI can deliver CPLP exams and award the credential.

  • The Credential is broad-based and addresses a TD professional's knowledge and performance achievements in 10 areas of expertise as defined by the ATD Competency Model.
  • Individuals who wish to pursue the credential must meet program eligibility requirements and pass a rigorous examination and evaluation process.

Helpful Resources And Links

For details about the CPLP program including policy, procedure and fee information please refer to the CPLP Certification Handbook.

  • Begin your CPLP journey by using the Preparing for the CPLP: Interactive Guide to determine if the program is right for you.
  • CPLP Test Schedule
  • CPLP General Program FAQs
  • How to Apply and Manage Your Records

Test Centers

ATD CI partners with a third-party test provider to deliver the exams. The test provider offers authorized testing centers in most major cities in the United States and Canada as well as in many international locations. The testing vendor cannot guarantee the availability of testing sessions at all international locations during all testing windows, and all testing center locations are subject to change. For the list of our test provider’s testing locations, go to www.kryteriononline.com/locate-test-center .

Exam Appointment Scheduling

Approximately seven (7) weeks prior to the opening of each testing window ATD's testing provider will issue a notice to schedule testing to all registered candidates by email. The notice will provide candidates with a unique username, password, and the URL address to access the provider's online test scheduling system. Candidates will select a testing appointment based on seating availability within the provider's network of domestic and international test sites. Candidates will select from a listing of available testing centers by geographical location and test date.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Appointments must be scheduled during the testing window only. No tests can be taken outside the testing window.
  • All appointments are first-come, first-served. If a candidate delays setting up a testing date and time, the selection of available dates and times will be more limited.
  • Candidates must submit their test scheduling request at least four (4) business days prior to their preferred test date.
  • All requests for Special Accommodations under the American's with Disabilities Act must be submitted to ATD CI directly before application and registration. Please contact Diane Daly at ddaly@td.org to obtain the Special Accommodations policy document and Request for Special Accommodations form.
  • The testing provider cannot guarantee availability of testing sessions at specific international locations; however, the vendor agrees to assist candidates in obtaining an alternative site when the preferred site is not available during the registered testing window. However, this request must be submitted directly to the testing provider no later than 30 days prior to the opening of the testing window.
  • For international appointment scheduling, candidates will use the the online scheduling system to view the list of sites and available appointment dates. If an acceptable site and date are available, the candidate will schedule the appointment and a confirmation email will be sent to the candidate.
  • If the sites and dates are not available, candidates may submit a request for the preferred location(s). Through the online scheduling system, candidates may submit three preferred international sites/dates for test scheduling during the designated testing period.
  • The testing provider cannot guarantee availability of the preferred sites/dates during the designated testing period. Within five (5) business days, the testing provider will issue a confirmation notice for one of the preferred sites/dates, if available.
  • If none of the preferred sites/dates are available, the testing provider will offer an alternate site/date for the candidate's approval. Upon approval, the testing provider will issue a confirmation notice to the candidate.

Program Inquries

  • General program inquiries should be directed to Virginia Sawall at vsawall@td.org.
  • Inquiries about international expansion plans for CPLP certification should be directed to Holly Batts at hbatts@td.org.
  • Inquiries about CPLP preparation program on-site delivery should be directed to Amanda Miller at amiller@td.org.


Things To Know About APTD

The Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) is a new certification for talent development professionals who are in the early part of their careers or whose professional roles and aspirations are focused on a few areas of expertise. It may be a destination for some or a stepping stone to the CPLP for others.

The APTD is based on three primary areas of expertise from the ATD Competency Model: Instructional Design, Training Delivery, and Learning Technologies. Secondary areas include Evaluating Learning Impact and the Global Mindset foundational competency.

Helpful Resources

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