ATD Certification
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Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD)

Establish yourself in the talent development field.

How to Prepare for the APTD

  • Successful APTD candidates spent an average of 41-60 hours to prepare for the exam
  • The typical pass rate has been approximately 70%
  • Candidates use a variety of preparation methods including the APTD Learning System, On-Demand and Instructor-led prep courses as well as study groups.

Try the Practice Test:

Check your knowledge and get a feel for the type of questions that will be on the exam by taking the 30-question practice exam.

Work with a Group:

APTD Preparation Resources
Are you prepared for the APTD exam? Ensure success with these study tools.
Online Resource
An online subscription-based resource covering all areas of expertise tested on the APTD exam. Interactive quizzes, reference lists, tips, stories, cases, cross-chapter links, and a study group guide are included to support learning.
Self-Paced Course
This self-paced course uses adaptive learning technology to accelerate your knowledge of the AOEs tested on the APTD certification exam to mastery, at your own pace. Includes free subscription to the APTD Learning System.
Face-to-Face Course
This two-day workshop reviews the three AOE's covered by the APTD certification exam and outlines exam-taking and preparation strategies designed to help you succeed. Includes free subscription to the APTD Learning System.
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