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CPLP Marks and Logo Use

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance® and CPLP® are registered marks.

  • The CPLP certification trademark may only be represented as CPLP® or as the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance and may not be altered.
  • Individuals who have earned the CPLP credential may use CPLP® after their name and in no other manner.
  • Individuals who provide services related to the CPLP program may use their own logo or graphic. The logo or graphic may not incorporate CPLP.
  • Logos must be clearly identified as separate from the CPLP trademark and separate from the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI).
  • Use of the CPLP logo as a marketing tool is not permitted except for on the CPLP® lapel pin.
  • The ATD and ATD CI trademarks and logos are registered marks of ATD and may not be used.

Learn more here for detailed ATD CI and CPLP trademark and logo policies.

CPLP Registry

The CPLP Registry allows those who have earned the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance credential to update their certification contact information as well as to opt-in to the publicly visible registry. Important Note: Certification contact information is maintained separately from ATD membership contact information. Please be sure to make any updates in both the CPLP database AND your ATD member account.

You now have the ability to manage your own records and to opt into an online registry service for CPLP credential holders.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Click on the Register link.
  2. Use your ATD log-in to access your certification record. If you encounter difficulties with the log-in, contact ATD Customer Care for assistance at 1.800.628.2783 or
  3. First Time Users: to access your personal information screen, scroll to the "Verify" section. Review the information and then click "Submit/Accept."
  4. NOTE: at this stage the "Submit/Accept" button simply allows you to proceed through the system. The next step of the process will allow you to make corrections or updates.
  5. Your personal information screen will appear. Select "My Summary" (left navigation menu). A box with your name and contact information will appear.
  6. Click on the "Update" link (upper right corner of the information box) to make corrections or to update your personal information (address, phone, email, fax, etc.). Note: Name changes cannot be completed by CPLP credential holders. Please contact Virginia Sawall at to update your name, if needed.
  7. On this screen, you can also choose to opt into the online registry and select which fields of information to publicize. Beside the data fields you can check "Visible in the Public Registry" if you would like to include this information in your listing. You can choose all available fields—or just one or two—the choice is yours!
  8. NOTE: You do have to opt to have either the primary or secondary address visible—or your information will not appear in the online Registry. But, if you don't want your specific street address visible, opt to have the secondary address visible. Then, under the street address, just enter your city name—without a street address. Your listing will then show name, city, state.
  9. Select "yes" at the "List me in the Online Public Registry" button (bottom of the page) to opt-in. To finalize the action, click the "Submit" button.

Certificates and Lapel Pins

Your Certified Professional in Learning and Performance certificate and CPLP lapel pin will be mailed to you approximately two months after you pass the Skills Application Exam (SAE). Replacement pins and certificates can be requested by emailing Virginia Sawall at Replacement certificates will be processed on a semiannual basis. A nominal charge may apply to cover production and shipping costs.


To maintain status as a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, designees must accrue 60 or more recertification points for each three year credential cycle. For complete information about CPLP recertification, please visit the CPLP Recertification. Email questions to

Volunteer Opportunities

Earn recertification points by volunteering!
As proven leaders in the field, we rely on current Certified Professionals in Learning and Performance (CPLPs) for help with the ongoing development of the CPLP program. This is to ensure that the quality of the program continues to be high. ATD CI has a number of volunteer opportunities available each year.

To apply you must:

  1. Complete the online Volunteer Opportunities Application
  2. Complete the online Content Expertise Survey.

Social Media Groups

Join the community, join the fun! Request to join the official CPLP-only groups on the popular social networking sites: LinkedIn and Facebook! Share your CPLP® accomplishment with your LinkedIn network. To add or create a certification's section in your profile, click the “Add to profile” button below. Doing so will populate the “Certifications” portion of your profile with the certification name (CPLP) and link to the ATD Certification Institute’s website: ( If you wish to add your CPLP credential’s start and end date, click on the “Edit certification details” link.

Search the CPLP Registry

This Registry is a voluntary listing of ATD CI certificants. Persons who wish to verify an individual's official credential status should use the Pearson Credential Verification Service through ( or ask the certificant to use the Pearson Publish Credential feature to send you an official credential verification of their credential status.