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Chapter of the Month

The Chapter of the Month (COM) program highlights a chapter each month that deserves special recognition. Recipients must have had a Sharing Our Success (SOS) submission accepted, be 100 percent CARE achieved, and have not been featured as Chapter of the Month within the past 18 months.

Congratulations to the July Chapter of the Month, North Dakota!

The North Dakota Chapter has members across the state, but the board noticed that the chapter’s geographic reach made it challenging for members to connect in person. To address this challenge, the board created a sub-committee to create and implement virtual peer mentoring groups. The committee used the chapter’s annual member survey to select the top seven talent development topics of interest and assigned a topic to each group. Chapter members who signed up for the program were assigned to a group based on their topic interest. Through Zoom, the peer mentoring groups met regularly for six months, and one-third of the chapter participated in the pilot of the program. According to the post-program survey, participants were satisfied with the experience as the program allowed them to learn, share, and connect with fellow chapter members. The chapter also received feedback that those who regularly facilitated the groups’ conversations expressed interest in continuing their volunteer journey through chapter board service. This program has been a major value-add for the chapter and its members. As a result, the virtual mentoring groups now run on a consistent, six-month interval, starting in January and June.


Each Chapter of the Month receives the following:

  • $500 cash prize
  • Profile on the Chapter of the Month homepage
  • Letter from the ATD president and CEO
  • Use of press release banner and press release
  • Public recognition at Chapter Leader Day (CLD) and the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC)
  • Listing in the ALC program
  • Use of the Chapter of the Month logo
  • Recognition in the Leader Connection Newsletter (LCN)

ATD highlights chapters that shine!

If your chapter has had a Sharing Our Success (SOS) submission accepted, is CARE achieved, and have not been featured recently as Chapter of the Month (within 18 months), you might be the next chapter for this award!

The COM program is managed by the Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC). Visit the CRC webpage for more information about COM and committee contact information.

If you have questions, please see the FAQs or contact your chapter relations manager (CRM). We look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Chapter of the Month (COM) program?
The Chapter of the Month program recognizes outstanding chapters whose practices and programs represent the best ATD has to offer. It highlights chapters who have earned special recognition for their best practice success.
What are the criteria to be Chapter of the Month?
To be considered for Chapter of the Month, a chapter must:
  • Have an approved Sharing Our Success (SOS) submission which demonstrates an innovative approach or solution to key chapter functions
  • Be CARE achieved at the time of selection
  • Not have been selected as Chapter of the Month in the previous 18 months
Is there a time limit or “expiration date” on approved SOS submissions for a chapter to be considered for Chapter of the Month?
There is no set time limit. As long as the chapter has at least one approved SOS submission and meets the other criteria above, it is eligible for Chapter of the Month.
How often can a chapter be Chapter of the Month?
One of the key criteria to receive the award is to not have been selected as Chapter of the Month within an 18-month timeframe. Additionally, factors such as chapter size, geographic location, and CARE category of the approved SOS submission(s) are also considered in an effort to be as fair as possible.
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