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Sneak Preview: The Sales Enablement Experience at ATD 2016


Thu May 19 2016

Sneak Preview: The Sales Enablement Experience at ATD 2016

With the 2016 ATD International Conference & Exposition around the corner (May 22 - 25), it’s time to plan which sessions and events to attend. Here’s a sneak preview of this year’s Sales Enablement track, which includes: 

  • 12 education sessions

  • a lunch and panel discussion with thought leaders on Mobile Sales Enablement

  • a cocktail reception with fellow sales enablement professionals.

Networking Events 

**Sales Enablement Lunch and Learn: Enabling the Mobile Sales Force


**Date/Time: Sun. 5/22, 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Panelists: Stacey Gardner (Microsoft), Shahin Sobhani (SwissVBS), Koreen Pagano

Sponsor: SwissVBS

**Sales Enablement Cocktail Reception

**Date/Time: Mon. 5/23, 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.


Sponsor: Vantage Point Performance

Preview Blogs for Sales Enablement Sessions and Events

**Coaching the Coach: Key to Enabling the Sales Manager

**Related Session: TU218 - Using Top-Producer Analysis to Improve Sales Results

Speaker: Mike Kunkle (Brainshark)

**Measure Training’s Impact—or Suffer the Consequences


**Related Session: SU318 - A Credible Way to Measure the ROI of Sales Training

Speakers: Jason Jordan (Vantage Point Performance)

**Get Ready for Mobile Sales Enablement

**Related Event: SE 1 - Sales Enablement Lunch & Learn: Enabling the Mobile Sales Force

Panelists: Stacey Gardner (Microsoft), Shahin Sobhani (SwissVBS), Koreen Pagano 

**How the Best Companies Make Great Sales Teams Happen

**Related Session: W318 - Winning the Meeting with Senior Decision Makers: How Great Sales Organizations Make It Happen

Speakers: Doug Bushée (Xerox), Marcel Eisma (Kony), Brad Duff (Medtronic), and John Calcio (Qstream)

**How Multiple Generations in the Workforce Affect Talent Development

**Related session: W118 - Deploying an Effective Training Program Within a Multigenerational Sales Organization

Speakers: Adele Carter (Richardson), Dean Griess (Charles Schwab)

**Be Everywhere All the Time: Virtual Sales Coaching for Success

**Related Session: TU318 - Using Virtual Coaching Technology to Predict Perfect Training Moments for Your Salespeople

Speakers: Chanin Balance (Veelo)

**Finding the Right Sales Talent—Then What?

**Related Session: SU418 - What’s the Biggest Personnel Challenge for Executives? Finding the Right Sales Talent!

Speakers: Kevin Doddrell

**Delivering Long-Term, Measurable ROI With Sales Enablement

**Related Session: TU103 - Is an ROI of 907 Percent Really Possible in Sales Learning?

Speakers: Dave Jenkins (IBM), Conrad Smith (Corporate Visions), Melody Astley (FinListics Solutions)

**Getting Scrappy About Sales Enablement

**Related Session: TU418 - Competency-Based Sales Enablement: Don’t Start With the Roof; Start With the Foundation!

Speaker: Robby Halford (Appirio)

**An Ongoing Sales Enablement Journey

**Related Session: W218 - A Sales Enablement Journey (Case Study)

Speakers: Shirly Eilon-Shweky (Amdocs), Alon Mamlok (Amdocs)

**Transforming Sales Managers Into Sales Leaders

**Related session: M103 - Transforming Sales Managers Into Sales Leaders

Speakers: Renie McClay (Caveo Learning), Leonard Cochran (Hilton), Terrence Donahue (Emerson Electric)

Note: When adding sessions to your schedule, please make sure your calendar is set to Mountain Time.

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