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Virtual Conference Technical Tips and Tricks


Mon Jun 01 2020

Virtual Conference Technical Tips and Tricks

As we draw near the end of day 1 of the Association for Talent Development’s Virtual Conference, we recognize technology is not perfect and that there are some aspects that are not as intuitive as we would like. Here are some tips and tricks to help you maximize your virtual learning experience.

If you have other helpful suggestions you’ve discovered, let us know at [email protected]. We are all learning together.


Browsers and log-ins

Some participants are experiencing browser issues. Attendees are having the most success with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Microsoft Edge works for most people, but some organizational security issues may cause issues with the video player.

If you’re having issues within your browser, such as content not loading properly or needing to log in again, first try closing your browser and clearing your cache. Using an incognito or private window can also help. Try to limit yourself to one open tab—running multiple tabs can cause load issues.

If you need additional assistance with browser compatibility, contact tech support at [email protected].

Live sessions


For live sessions, when you first join, you will see a “This session is not yet live” message until that session begins at the scheduled time. Remember that all sessions are scheduled in eastern time.

There is no session audio until the video starts playing. You do have volume control on the player, so check to make sure you aren’t muted if you are having sound issues once the session has started. You may need to scale your video player up or down (75 percent or 150 percent) to see the controls.

Keyboard shortcuts are also arrow up and down to adjust volume or “M” for mute. Right-click on the screen and select keyboard shortcuts to view the list.

And don’t worry if you missed a live session—they’re all being recorded and will be posted by the end of the week. If you’re looking for Keith Ferrazzi’s keynote or the Orientation Session, those have been posted.



If you aren’t seeing the chat update during a session, try toggling between the Moderated Q&A and the Chat tabs.

Session evaluations

Session evaluations are key to helping ATD make future programs better. The session evaluations are linked in each session.

Please complete your session evaluation by selecting Areas of Interest/Tracks, then Next. Select the session you want to evaluate, then Next, and finally complete the form and hit Done.

Interacting with speakers and attendees

Looking to connect with others from a session chat? Scroll down the page, below the session resources, and you can see who else has viewed the session. You can connect and message other attendees that way.

You can also search for other attendees in the Networking Lounge under Attendee Directory. You can scroll through the directory, but after page 124, it stops loading, so then the search function is your better option.

The system has automatically matched you with attendees who have similar interests. You can find them in My Agenda under Recommended by Us.

Speakers are reviewing and responding to questions in the Moderated Q&A portion of their live sessions. You can also search for and connect with them in the Attendee Directory.

Feel free to join the Happy Hour Chats to interact with other like-minded individuals.

For additional technical solutions, check out the article “Technical Issues? Here Are Solutions.”

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