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Accidental Instructional Designers Become Intentional Instructional Designers

Published Tue Apr 25 2023


**(Alexandria, VA) April 25, 2023—**In The Accidental Instructional Designer: Learning Design for the Digital Age, second edition, (ATD Press, April 2023), instructional design (ID) expert Cammy Bean provides updated and expanded insights and advice to new and experienced instructional designers and trainers on how to become intentional with their ID practice and careers.

Like Bean herself, many people become instructional designers and trainers accidentally, often without knowing that there is even a field of practice called instructional design and without express intentions of becoming an instructional designer. Some people are tapped by their organizations to take on training responsibilities and become instructional designers because they are subject matter experts with deep domain expertise. Other people become IDs because they demonstrate a skill or ability to research topics develop training materials or have great presence in front of a group and are asked to facilitate training on work-related topics.


As she notes, companies across all industries need to train people in more and more areas for a variety of reasons—compliance regulations, technology changes, new processes, skills development, new equipment, as examples—and they are doing so in-person, virtually, self-paced, and now in hybrid settings. This increased need for training with a greater focus on digital experiences has created a need for more support in developing effective training programs.

Bean explains, “It is important for new instructional designers, particularly those being asked to develop training without having any ID experience, to recognize that they are not alone and that there are resources that can help them get started. The Accidental Instructional Designer is just that resource—the place to get context, practical tips, and strategies for doing instructional design. It will also help those new to the field discover how instructional design can lead to plentiful and fulfilling career opportunities.”

In this revised second edition, Bean not only goes over the fundamentals of “What is instructional design?” but she also broadens the discussion to embrace the big picture of learning and development. She gives the new practitioner a broader view on the world in which instructional design happens and adds a new chapter on tools and technology to orient the new practitioner to the full learning ecosystem which is always in flux. This new edition includes a chapter on assessment and evaluation—with the omnipresence of big data which instructional designers need to consider and factor into learning programs to maximize learning outcomes.

About the Author

Cammy Bean started as a Junior Instructional Designer in 1996 and has since collaborated with hundreds of organizations to design and deliver training programs. She’s worked at small startups, mid-sized training companies, boutique e-learning shops, and as a freelance instructional designer. An English and German studies major in college, Cammy found an affinity for writing and making complex ideas and concepts clear to an audience.


In 2009, she helped start up US operations for Kineo, a global provider of learning solutions. Originally Kineo’s VP of learning design, Cammy is currently a senior solutions consultant. In this role she leads the North American sales team, supports clients through the initial discovery process, and manages Kineo’s portfolio of custom client accounts to help organizations meet their strategic business objectives through better learning solutions.

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The Accidental Instructional Designer, Second Edition

ISBN: 9781953946591| 288 Pages | Paperback



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