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Coaching Offers the Power of Possibility in Virtual and In-Person Settings

Published Tue Apr 21 2020


(Alexandria, VA), April 21, 2020—The Association for Talent Development (ATD) announces the release of 10 Steps to Successful Coaching, 2nd Edition. In this updated edition, Sophie Oberstein offers a primer and an entry point for anyone who wants—or has been asked—to do some formal or informal coaching whether in-person or in remote situations. It is also for anyone who wants to infuse their day-to-day interactions in the workplace with a powerful new skill—development through coaching.

Coaching skills are critical management competencies as organizations prepare a new generation of leaders, using fewer financial, human, and training resources. An explosion in the coaching market in recent years highlights the fact that the work environment continues to be complex, fast-paced, and pressured, and that employees at all levels can derive value from personalized, skilled help delivered in a structured, safe, one-on-one situation.


Oberstein offers 10 steps for navigating a formal coaching process or for informal coaching that takes places within the daily activities of managing others. “Coaching isn’t just about patting people on the back or providing enthusiastic encouragement,” says Oberstein. “It’s a powerful management tool to help employees realize their career aspirations. When managers and supervisors master the art of coaching, their relationships with their direct reports are strengthened—and that often translates to increased company loyalty and enhanced motivation among those reports. Maybe you simply want … the chance to connect with others at a deeper level and to promote learning and growth on the job. While this book will not make you a certified coach, it will make you more coach-like, and sometimes that is what is needed.”

Oberstein addresses the critical role technology now plays in the coaching relationship. Successful coaching can occur in remote and in-person settings, or a combination thereof. As a coach, it is important to stay current on available technologies so that you can be accessible and relevant to your coachees. Apps, video recording technology, and other tools can track targeted behaviors, facilitate virtual conversations and observations, and offer automated check-in capabilities that make data collection and feedback easier and immediate.

“Synchronous technological tools allow coach and coachee to connect from wherever they are in the world. This is important, and coaches have been doing this – even simply by phone – for decades. I’m more excited about some of the asynchronous opportunities to coach, as coachees can access these on their own schedule, in doses that are large or small, depending on what the coachee needs in the moment, and, most importantly, as they can give the coachee an opportunity to really think through what they want to say before they ‘submit’ any response. I’ve found that this has given my coachees a chance to reflect more deeply and then to more clearly articulate what is happening for them.”

About the Author

Sophie Oberstein is an author, coach, adjunct professor, and L&OD consultant. As the founder of Full Experience Coaching, a leadership and personal coaching practice, she works with individuals across the country who are seeking increased effectiveness and satisfaction at work, and those exploring their power to bring fulfillment and joy to their lives. She’s been actively working in the field of learning and organizational development for years at public and private organizations, including Weight Watchers North America, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, the City of Redwood City, California, and Citibank, N.A. Oberstein holds a master’s degree in human resources management and postgraduate certification in training and development. Her certification as a professional co-active coach (CPCC) is from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). She is on the faculty of the NYU School of Professional Studies, leadership and human capital management department where she developed and conducts the fundamentals course in the learning design certificate program. Her first book, Beyond Free Coffee & Donuts: Marketing Training and Development (2003), is available from ATD Press.


About ATD and ATD Press

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10 Steps to Successful Coaching, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781950496204 | 308 Pages | Paperback



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