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Effective Training Methodology

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Training employees is one of the best ways to ensure the success of a business, but often training efforts are misguided, wasting both employees’ time and the company’s resources. Before a training program is enacted, an organization needs to be sure that the program will be effective and meet employee needs. Luckily, there are several forms of training that always seem to have large returns on investment. First, hands-on shadowing is tremendously effective. Being told how to do something is helpful, but actually performing that same task goes much further in ensuring an employee retains new knowledge. "The shadowing process allows trainees to retain information better by applying learned skills in real time and translating them to their daily tasks," says Melissa Cohen, managing partner at Metis Communications. "It also helps new team members experiment with responsibilities in a controlled environment without risk, all while building their confidence." Another surefire training method is to schedule regular, frequent feedback meetings between employees and their direct supervisors. During these meetings, employees and managers focus on opportunities to develop new skills and bolster their strengths. 

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